Delta Elevates Customer Experience through Scaled Onboarding

<h1><span style="color: #ffffff">Delta Elevates Customer Experience through Scaled Onboarding <h1><span style="color: #ffffff">Delta Elevates Customer Experience through Scaled Onboarding

How does an airline industry leader reinvigorate and scale its customer experience during times of major change in both the travel industry and global markets, while elevating its branding and service experience?

Delta had to quickly onboard thousands of customer service representatives who would be tasked with providing a world-class customer experience. In response to unprecedented changing conditions, they sought a learning solution delivered on an expedited timeline that would meet their high standards for excellence.

Delta needed a blended learning solution that would improve customer satisfaction, inspire new employees, reduce overall training times, build confidence, and provide guidance for the trainers that would facilitate the ILT.


The team at AllenComm quickly scaled internally to create a dedicated project team that could effectively collaborate with Delta to update and refresh existing content, determine needs for new content to fill skill gaps, and ensure coordination to keep both teams in alignment as we delivered the solution that would fill Delta’s vision.

We provided a needs analysis, performance consulting, and an iterative design and review process during development, which was completed in a fraction of the usual time. The result was a blended learning experience that provided a 15% increase in productivity within five weeks of launch.

Delta’s completed learning solution included media-enhanced resources, web-based training, self-study materials, train the trainer resources, and a practice component that had new representatives trying simple calls before the end of their first week.


  • Customer satisfaction increased by 2%
  • Training was reduced by 5 days
  • Customer service capacity increased by 19,000 phone hours over 5 weeks
  • Training capacity increased by 207%
  • Productivity increased by 15%
  • Customer service knowledge effectiveness increased by 3%