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Adaptive Learning and AI Solutions

How can you deliver personalized learning experiences tailored to individual needs and roles? Explore adaptive strategies and AI technologies with AllenComm. Discover the intersection of technology and personalized learning with AllenComm’s Adaptive Learning and AI solutions. We tailor training experiences to individual needs, leveraging adaptive strategies and AI technologies to revolutionize how organizations deliver effective, customized learning solutions to their workforce.


  • Are you wanting to deliver more personalized learning paths to individuals, roles, or groups within your organization?
  • Wondering how to deliver personalized learning through adaptive strategies?
  • Wondering how to deliver personalized learning through AI strategies?
Harness the power of technology to personalize your training solutions for your learning audiences.


  • Flexible codebases, libraries, and environments for adaptable learning
  • Unique designs in-person, hybrid, and digital formats
  • Marketing, peer-to-peer learning, virtual classroom, and cohort strategies
  • Tailored designs for specific groups, with personalized plans
  • Exploration and strategizing on AI initiatives
  • AI promises personalized experiences, from tutors to content creation
  • AI organizes content, provides scaffolding, and scales to meet needs
  • Automated creation of learning paths, cohorts, and assessment

Personalized Learning Solutions: Adaptable Strategies and AI Innovations

At AllenComm we have built flexible codebases, libraries and environments that create learning experiences that adapt to many roles, groups and languages within an organization. Our team has created thousands of unique learning designs that range from in person, hybrid and digital experiences. These designs use marketing, peer-to-peer learning, virtual classroom and cohorts, push, pull and nudge strategies. These learning designs can be tailored to not only fit the specific group of people that is targeted but can be effective in creating personalized learning plans, goals and measurements for individuals.
To really overcome the challenges of personalized learning and the one size fits all solutions that are deployed today, AllenComm is actively exploring and strategizing on AI initiatives. AI strategies promise a revolution in personalized learning experiences that range from personal tutors and assistants to creating content and training experiences real-time based on what the learner needs. AI will be able to map and organize content into different concepts and levels and provide scaffolding to the learner journey. AI will also provide the scale needed to meet the learner where they currently are with their knowledge, understanding and skillset and guide them based on their respective needs and progress. Personalized learning paths can be created, training courses can be created, cohorts can be automated and scheduled, and strengths and weaknesses can be assessed in real-time to provide a complete picture of how objectives are being met.
If you are looking to explore personalized learning strategies and how they might be implemented in your organization now and in the future, we would love to talk with you.