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Seamless Learning Through ILT & VILT Solutions

Expanding on the conventional approach, Instructor-led Training (ILT) encompasses in-person sessions led by an instructor, fostering direct interaction. Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) extends beyond physical boundaries, leveraging virtual environments for remote engagement between instructors and learners, enhancing accessibility and flexibility.

Instructor-led Training

Research by Brandon Hall found that 95.5% of companies still use in-person/instructor-led classroom-style training modalities. The benefits are undeniable; ILT learning can adjust to the needs of the learner, it helps build personal relationships and dialogue, and develops collaborative learning. In this age of digital transformation and multi-channel learning preferences, ILT & VILT can be strengthened with assessments, custom activities, and rich media. These tools increase engagement and improve knowledge retention, while enhancing recall and on-the-job application.

As more companies transition their ILT learning to eLearning, training strategy and implementation has become even more important for the success of your training program. AllenComm can help scope and estimate scalable rapid ILT to digital/VILT conversion projects within 1-2 days of receiving sample content.

Case Study

Communities in Schools

It takes resources, relationships, and ongoing support to help students successfully get an education and graduate. For 1.6 million vulnerable students in 2,500 schools across 26 states and the District of Columbia, that support comes from Communities in Schools (CIS) [...]

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