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Performance Consulting

By analyzing the root causes of performance gaps, an AllenComm advisor can provide recommendations that ensure your program addresses essential needs for change. This focus avoids wasted resources on training that might not translate to real-world, measurable improvement. We recommend this service for your most strategic initiatives, where complexity or ambiguity would otherwise create risk.

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Performance Consulting for
Transformative Learning Journeys

Before you can design a comprehensive learning journey with an optimal learner experience design (LXD), you need to fully understand the needs of learners and the organization. A performance consultant can facilitate that analysis and recommend the most effective approaches to meet your needs. A learning needs or gap analysis helps you to set the right priorities. An evaluation of your existing curriculum helps you to further identify where there may be gaps. And a plan for assessment identifies those key performance indicators most essential for learners and management.

Needs or Gap Analysis
Curriculum Evaluation
Assessment & Analytics

Needs or Gap Analysis

This type of analysis identifies the critical skills and knowledge your workforce needs to achieve strategic goals, ensuring that your learning programs directly address these performance gaps and contribute to measurable business results.


  • Identify performance objectives and audience to pinpoint the desired skills, knowledge, and mindset
  • Assess the current state of your learning by gathering data, conducting surveys, and meeting with stakeholders
  • Compare desired performance to the current state to prioritize gaps


  • Present a prioritized list of knowledge, skills, and attitudinal performance gaps
  • Deliver targeted learning recommendations based on the identified gaps
  • Define measurable success criteria to gauge the effectiveness of the learning activities

Curriculum Evaluation

A curriculum evaluation goes beyond the typical needs analysis by assessing the effectiveness of an existing curriculum. It examines the program design, content, and delivery methods to determine if they are achieving the intended learning outcomes. This insight helps to refine existing programs or identify new needs.


  • Review and analyze curriculum materials, including the objectives, content, activities, and results, based on learning science and accepted practice
  • Collect and analyze learner and stakeholder feedback on the program using results data, surveys, interviews, etc.
  • Assess on-the-job performance to determine if the curriculum is truly closing the intended knowledge, skill, and attitudinal gaps.


  • Deliver a revised curriculum blueprint to recommend updated objectives, content, activities, and assessment strategies
  • Prepare a feedback report to summarize the feedback from learners and stakeholders, highlighting areas of strength and areas for improvement
  • Present a performance impact report to share insight gathered on post-learning, on-the-job performance as an indicator of the effectiveness of the curriculum in closing learning gaps

Assessment & Analytics

An analysis focused on learner assessment and on learning analytics goes further into measurement than does a needs or curriculum analysis. The performance consultant will look at individual and collective learner data to provide insight on how learners engage with the learning and recommend adjustments to optimize learning outcomes.


  • Collect learner data from available sources to track behavior and performance using quizzes, formal assessments, learning completion data, on-the-job performance metrics, etc. 
  • Analyze and visualize available data to highlight patterns and trends using techniques like clustering and correlation analysis
  • Recommend new strategies for assessment that will provide more accurate, comprehensive, and organizationally aligned metrics


  • Create a learner segmentation report that categorizes learners based on performance data and engagement patterns to enable targeted interventions and personalized learning paths
  • Report on an audit of current assessment strategies to reveal where assessments might not be effectively measuring learning outcomes
  • Propose strategies for assessment optimization to recommend a new framework for a more aligned and effective approach to assessment (including adaptive and AI-powered assessment strategies)

“AllenComm [is a] powerhouse in the realm of Learning and Development (L&D) solutions…AllenComm brings unparalleled expertise to the table, consistently delivering exceptional results. What sets them apart is their focus on understanding the unique business needs and recommending tailored solutions that drive real performance and ROI.”

David Forry

SVP, Brandon Hall Group