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AllenComm Video Services: Picture Better Performance

Discover the power of video in learning. Elevate your training with immersive experiences, emotional connections, and personalized messages. Transform training today. Expanding on the familiar saying, “You have to see it to believe it,” underscores the significance of visual elements in employee training and development programs. Visual stimuli enhance comprehension, engagement, and retention, making learning experiences more immersive and impactful.

Case Study

We all have stories to share. The stories most likely to resonate with your learning audience will have a transformative impact when strategically captured on camera. We’ll create live demonstrations, acted scenarios, compelling interviews, documentaries, and more.

Watch this case study from behind the scenes as the AllenComm team produces interactive video, animations, and more for our client, the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). Join us on set as we catch the action to tell the real stories. See how we energize a learning audience of emergency first responders to engage and effectively motivate them to picture improved performance.

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Client Testimonial

Responders have the continual challenge of working with evolving structural fires, including smaller lot sizes, more flammable, faster burning materials, open floor plans, newer technologies, and evolving fuel loads. AllenComm did a great job developing a nonlinear, interactive responder safety program geared to help educate firefighters in the science and methodology of NFPA’s 1700 Guide to Structural Firefighting. This course will be a valuable resource to our emergency responder community nationwide.

Andrew Klock, Emerging Issues Lead

Manager, NFPA

Elevate Training with Impactful Video Integration

You’ve heard the phrase, ‘You have to see it to believe it.’ Turns out, the familiar adage is still true – and especially so when it comes to employee training and development programs.

When you embed video in digital learning, you create immersive, engaging experiences that land with learning audiences. Employee training and development programs enhanced with video have the power to create an emotional connection with learners, earning their attention to make training more accessible and memorable.

Need to include demonstrations, dramatizations, and personalized messages from leadership in your customized eLearning courses? Our award-winning instructional designers and creative services team use video production to create impactful, transformative training. We design and deliver the solutions needed by organizations with the vision to use real-world footage to tell the story of their learning journey and brand.

And our storytelling video solutions are always customized for your need – whether that’s YouTube-style shoots, or full-scale corporate training video productions.