Instructional Design


Instructional Design


Instructional design is a systematic approach to developing effective and memorable learning experience for the learners. The best instructional design companies take their time to understand who their learners are and what knowledge or skill they should develop to achieve the desired behavior and performance gaps. Then they choose the best combination of learning modalities: digital learning, microlearning, job-aids, action planners, or ILT/VILT, to help transfer their skills to their job.

The award-winning instructional designers at AllenComm will collaborate with you to create a learning solution that will have real impact on your learners and your business.


Easy Navigation: We use both the UX and copy to make the purpose and expectations of each part of the training clear for the learner so they can focus on attaining the learning skills.

Targeted Activities: We look at the learner’s motivation, knowledge, and skill gaps to create a learner experience that will make the greatest impact while respecting the learner’s time. Incorporating activities like microlearning, interactive video and gamification are some options.

Engaging, Contextualized Content: Learning is most effective when there is a clear connection to how they can use it on the job. This means we try to bring as much of the work environment and the real issues learners face into the training. Adding an effective feedback loop or an interactive video are examples how to enhance that learner’s experience.

Transfer and Performance Support Tools: Training is only successful if learners apply their skills to real life. Instructional design companies accomplish this by including job-aids, action-planners, and prompts for them to take to their managers.


Small, easily accessible bursts of learning have become increasingly popular in today’s training industry. Learners like them because they can learn something new without spending a whole workday in a classroom, and we like them because they allow us to cut to the chase. Microlearning is a perfect strategy for companies that value the flexibility of their workforce and like their learning to be dispersed as quickly as possible.


Regardless of the industry, a jolt of gamified learning is not only a great way to increase learner engagement, but it is good for the brain as well. We approach gamification by creating something that fits organically into your learning solution. Our gamified content is excellent for social work environments or companies that like to inspire a bit of friendly competition among their workforce.

On-demand Learning

The most important tool for the job is the one you need right now, and on-demand learning teaches learners how to quickly and correctly choose and access whatever that tool may be. On-demand learning is ideal for companies that work with technical equipment or information—it helps decrease the employee’s cognitive load by teaching them on-the-job strategies.