Instructional Design


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For us, instructional design isn’t about churning out an assembly line of carbon copy learning solutions. In the wide world of professional learning, corporate training needs to be as diverse, critical, demanding, and passionate as the learners receiving it. It’s a tall order, and you may be thinking that training like this simply doesn’t exist. And you’d be right—but only because we haven’t made it for you yet.

Our award-winning teams of instructional designers collaborate with our clients to create the learning solution that they need but never thought possible. Years of work with Fortune 500 companies has given us the skills to approach any idea with an insatiable desire to turn it into reality. How do we do it? Here’s a rundown of our process.



Establishing the Path to Competency

First things first—without a clear goal in mind, an assessment of the pitfalls involved, and a keen understanding of your learners, a training solution isn’t going to work. Our team will work hand in hand with yours to address the big-picture, conceptual framework of your learning solution. Our time-tested process of needs analysis and reporting will help you figure out exactly where to start.

From there, we’ll work with learning content that you provide to make sure your learner is getting the right information at the right time. We’re proficient in curating client content from multiple industries, giving us the ability to adopt the best educational concepts from your own library into a learning solution tailored to engage and excite your audience.


Building with Learner Experience in Mind

Once we’ve established the solution’s framework, we can begin to understand how to present the learning concepts in a way that will be relevant to your specific learners. Our team will familiarize ourselves with the wants and needs of your workforce and incorporate that information into our presentation. We understand that no two learners are the same, which is why we strive to build learning solutions that are uniquely tailored to your workforce.

Developing an understanding of your team gives us the insight to acknowledge their skills as professionals and value the ways they spend their time at work. We know that your own workforce is the only group that can do what they do. As such, our learning solutions make the most of their time, presenting and assessing learning content as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Cultivating Versatile Learning Ecosystems

A key strategy that we bring to creating a unique learner experience with each course is our familiarity with different training approaches, pedagogies, and modalities. Our teams are skilled at creating web-based training, instructor-led training, and blended learning that combines aspects of both. In addition to our overall grasp on multi-user training approaches, we’ve also narrowed our focus on specific, industry-based strategies that can take a good learning solution to a great learning solution.


Small, easily accessible bursts of learning have become increasingly popular in today’s training industry. Learners like them because they can learn something new without spending a whole workday in a classroom, and we like them because they allow us to cut to the chase. Microlearning is a perfect strategy for companies that value the flexibility of their workforce and like their learning to be dispersed as quickly as possible.

On-Demand Learning

The most important tool for the job is the one you need right now, and on-demand learning teaches learners how to quickly and correctly choose and access whatever that tool may be. On-demand learning is ideal for companies that work with technical equipment or information—it helps decrease the employee’s cognitive load by teaching them on-the-job strategies when they’re actually on the job.


Regardless of the industry, a jolt of gamified learning is not only a great way to increase learner engagement, but it’s good for the brain as well. We approach gamification by creating something that fits organically into your learning solution. Our gamified content is excellent for social work environments or companies that like to inspire a bit of friendly competition among their workforce.

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