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Customize Learning Through a Needs Analysis

Ready to identify and address your organization’s learning needs? Our team conducts thorough needs analysis to tailor effective learning solutions aligned with your goals. Recognizing a problem is just the beginning. To enact meaningful change, a thorough examination of your learning strategy and data is imperative. By conducting a comprehensive needs analysis, we uncover insights vital for diagnosing and addressing challenges effectively.

Case Study

Communities in Schools

Communities In Schools sought out scalable training that could reach more schools outside of CIS’s established footprint. After a needs analysis, AllenComm developed an engaging digital educator training.

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Needs Analysis: A Critical First Step

You know there’s a problem, but you’re not sure what to do. You need a deep dive into your learning strategy and data to find and diagnose a solution.

There are times when our L&D teams are at a loss. They’ll have all the necessary information in front of them – employee surveys, financial data, and a laundry list of areas that need improvement – but the answer to their question remains elusive. In cases like these, a needs analysis provided by AllenComm can be a lifesaver.

As professionals in the corporate training industry, we’ve developed training consultant services that include an extensive needs analysis process that will help us work with your own L&D teams to determine the best plan of action based on data we gather and training metrics we set together. Our needs analysis can be a feature for an entire course-building project, in conjunction with additional performance consultant services, or offered as a standalone service for L&D teams in need of support. Here are a few features that our extensive needs analysis includes.

Needs Analysis Features


Our team is proficient at crafting strategic interviews that will maximize the amount of actionable information needed to determine specific obstacles facing your workforce. With this valuable information in hand, we can begin to build a roadmap for a learning solution that will meet your workforce’s needs.

Site Visits

We’ll also take the time to visit your workplace to get a feel for the culture, work environment, and day-to-day routines that make your company tick. Site visits give us a unique perspective into your employees’ professional lives, and we can use this information to give us an edge when building content for your workforce.

Focus Groups

Using info-gathering best practices, our team is skilled at conducting focus groups to help us get the employee perspective on what approach to training would work best. By getting to know your employees better, we not only gain valuable insight into what kind of learning content they need, but we also learn more about their individual nuances and professional behaviors.


Anonymous surveys often yield information that wouldn’t be present in other attempts to discuss potential issues with employees. We’ll work to develop surveys that can be delivered to your employees and filled out with anonymity, better helping us to understand their perspective on what needs to improve.

Design Recommendation Report

Once we’ve completed our comprehensive analysis, we will compile our findings into qualitative and quantitative results called a Design Recommendation Report. This report consists of our analysis of the existing gaps and their root causes, it also outlines our strategic solution for training interventions that will help build an ecosystem for the learner journey from onboarding to performance mastery, and more.