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Learning Solutions for Energy

Four decades of expertise in curriculum consulting and development across multiple industries, including Utilities and Energy Providers, enable us to build training solutions that drive learner performance.

Whether it’s onboarding new employees, developing new and existing leaders, compliance, or technical training, we will work with you to create innovative and scalable training solution that makes an impact.

We proudly partner with one of the largest global energy companies to reduce turnover by 7% and call center workload by 30% by digitally transforming their learning experiences.


  • Complying with new requirements and procedures
  • Completing projects with accelerated timelines
  • Creating engaged employees
  • Addressing the growing skills gaps
  • Preventing high turnover and rise of workforce mobility


  • Needs analysis
  • Performance Consulting
  • Interactive scenarios and simulations to allow hands-on practice
  • Gamification
  • Microlearning
  • Learning in the flow of work support resources
  • Progressive onboarding
  • Conversion of ILT to digital learning
  • Delivering training to a widely dispersed audience
  • Reduce seat time

Featured Work

AllenComm’s team brought new meaning to customer service. We were completely satisfied with all deliverables, but their team went above and beyond when we truly needed it. Because the IAFC is not an educational company, we didn’t know what we didn’t know. We had to shift gears a few times and the AllenComm team completely understood and worked with us to build what our members needed.
Spencer Cheatham, IAFC