about allencomm


AllenComm is a digital learning agency that creates custom training programs.

We help large companies work better by transforming their content into performance-based learning experiences. Our expertise in onboarding, sales enablement, compliance, and brand training wins awards and meets our clients’ business objectives. 


Launched in 1981, AllenComm has the simple aim of offering an alternative to traditional training by putting people at the heart of everything we do; we create training solutions for everything from corporate brand training to sophisticated onboarding simulations to comprehensive training content platforms.

We Lead With Innovation

We believe the success of any product and service training solution is predicated on thinking outside the conventions of traditional learning. Our unique collaborative design process helps you think outside the box, transforming the way your classroom and web instruction is experienced and delivered. The result is a solution that is unique to your organization’s needs with innovations in instructional design, media, and technology to ensure every solution does more than simply share information.


Ron Zamir President/CEO

Ron Zamir has been the CEO of AllenComm since 2003 and has led learning and business organizations since 1991, in Israel, South Africa and across the USA. He spends his time partnering with clients to discover how learning and development can scale to have a real impact on learner engagement and retention. Ron brings 22 years of experience in marketing, sales and education methodologies to the field of corporate training. Ron’s thought-leadership articles have been featured in training magazines, blogs and eBooks as well as at conferences world-wide. Ron is an Honors graduate of Hebrew University, has academic degrees and certifications in multiple fields such as International Relations, Business, Archaeology, and Instructional Design. He is the recipient of the Raoul Wallenberg Fellowship for Leadership and Democracy and volunteers his time in local community affairs, economic development and local charter school boards.

Paul Zackrison COO/CFO

Paul Zackrison is the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of employee-owned AllenComm. Prior to becoming COO/CFO, Paul served as CFO at Mentergy, Inc. As COO, he oversees AllenComm’s production and operations. Prior to his experience in the training industry, he gained extensive experience in finance and accounting management and analysis in several high tech companies in Silicon Valley. Paul is a Certified Management Accountant, holds a Masters of Business Administration from Cornell University, and an undergraduate degree in accounting from the University of Utah.

Anna Sargsyan/CLO and VP of Instructional Design

Anna is the Chief Learning Officer at AllenComm. Anna is a thoughtful strategist, bold thinker, and inspiring leader. At AllenComm, Anna oversees innovation for current and future training needs where she identifies opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the results-driven instructional design. She provides consulting on personalized performance solutions aligned with clients’ business goals. With her vision to change the way people learn, think critically, and act, Anna works with cross-functional teams to help engage and transform learners and strengthen company brand and culture.