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Onboarding training is the process of getting learners up to speed with new responsibilities and familiar with company culture. Like any learning experience, onboarding is journeys, not a one-time event. Onboarding prepares new employees to become productive quickly and reinforce the decision to join the organization.

With AllenComm you can build ongoing, dynamic learning experiences to connect early on with employees and build confidence to ensure a greater contribution. Our custom series of learning activities are designed to educate your employees to perform better on the job. Your learners will be on a path to full competency and integration into company culture.


Thought Leader


CLO and VP of Instructional Design

Effective onboarding is key to retaining and engaging talent. It is an important opportunity to establish a connection with employees early on. Impactful onboarding learning experiences connect employees to the company culture and build employee confidence so they can start contributing sooner. Our onboarding strategies have empowered some of the largest companies in the world to reduce turnover, accelerate time to proficiency, and amplify productivity.


Client Success Stories

Nestle onboarding course AllenComm

Food & Beverage

AllenComm partnered with Nestlé to incorporate the necessary digital transformation efforts to prepare their new employees for the future of work. The learning experiences created helped transform Nestlé’s strategic approach to better drive performance results on a global level.

BD onboarding course AllenComm

Medical Device

BD had healthcare professionals in multiple hour face-to-face clinical practice training sessions that needed to be digitally transformed. AllenComm created an on-demand learning experience that gave learners flexibility to fit the learning into their busy schedules while significantly increasing nurse and clinician familiarity with proper procedures.

IHME onboarding course AllenComm


AllenComm worked with IHME to build a digital learning experience that would provide a way to train policymakers, researchers, and public health practitioners how to use their online data visualization tools. The course was built in micromodules, providing foundational skills training to learners from all over the world.


How AllenComm Can Help?

  • Analyze your current training program to identify and determine what is needed to speed time to competency, increase retention, and boost engagement.
  • Consult with your team to identify gaps between learner behavior and expected results.
  • Use human centered design to engage your learners and hit your business goals.
  • Find the right technology to align your learning experience with your business strategy.
  • Propose a solution that will tailor the experience to specific employee roles, company culture, and business goals.