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Advisory—a learning and development consultancy focused on change, learner performance, and enabling tech


Organizational Readiness: Change management, governance, and capability mapping for learning success

Performance Consulting: Needs analysis, curriculum evaluation, assessment and analytics 

Learning Tech Advisory: Learning tech analysis, ecosystem mapping, and platform or tool selection

Many of the success factors for learning take place before and after the design and development of a learning program. For strategic or transformation initiatives, additional support from an expert can ensure alignment on needs, strategy, and technical infrastructure. A learning change management plan can guide communication and rollout to support not only implementation but adoption, knowledge transfer, and measurable behavior change

AllenComm Advisory provides targeted, practical consulting services focused on learning, a pivotal element of human capital management (HCM). Our robust network of advisors and advisory partners will collaborate with your L&D and related HCM leaders to create the alignment, readiness, and integration necessary for learning success. We partnered with Delta Air Lines on a needs analysis that led to an award-winning onboarding program. We also helped Korn Ferry with the skill and capability mapping needed for their new leadership offering

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Advisory FAQ

  • What types of L&D advisory services do you offer? ​

    AllenComm Advisory has three main areas of focus: organizational readiness, which would include change management, L&D governance, and skill and capability mapping; performance consulting, which would include needs analysis (gap analysis), curriculum evaluation, and assessment and analytics; and technical advisory, which would include technical needs analysis, tech ecosystem mapping and design, and platform and tool selection. ​

  • What is included in advisory services for L&D? ​

    Most Advisory projects begin with an analysis plan that defines the scope of the analysis and the key questions to be answered. To create the analysis plan, we will typically have a planning meeting and an analysis workshop. Once the analysis plan is approved, we then conduct interviews or focus groups, send out surveys or evaluations, and do any direct observation or analysis required. Once we compile the data, we will draft our preliminary recommendations and discuss them with key stakeholders before preparing the final report, which will typically include actionable plans such as a roadmap of how to implement key recommendations. 

  • How do L&D advisory services contribute to success? ​

    Advisory services contribute to success in several ways. By ensuring upfront alignment, all stakeholders share a common set of expectations that will guide the development of any learning problem or new learning tech being implemented. It also helps to define an integrated strategy that crosses departmental or functional areas in learning and development, organizational development, change management, talent management, and learning technology. Advisory services can also help to support an integrated learner experience—one that ensures successful knowledge transfer and provides insightful analytics. 

  • When do you need an external learning consultant?​

    Clients typically engage an external learning consultant when they want to tap into an area of specialization for which they may not have or may not have access to internal experts. These may be specialists in change management, strategic planning, learning governance, or learning technology. They may also be experts in a particular type of training—such as onboarding, compliance, leadership, sales, or skills development. 

  • What are the deliverables of your advisory projects?​

    Actionable tools, project plansroadmaps, and designs are used to help ensure that recommendations are transferrable to the real world. These will be included with the key recommendations, along with the quantitative and qualitative data that has been gathered.