Blended Learning

AllenComm creates a training pathway, not an event to optimize application and results.


By delivering the right mix of elearning, classroom instruction, coaching, tools, resources, and apps, we’re able to build programs that match your training strategies to your learners’ needs.

We help you move beyond a simple mix of delivery modes to a more relevant and learner-centric blend of instructional strategies. Thanks to a broad spectrum of delivery formats at our disposal, we’re able to bring web-based training and instructor-led training together with with gamification, apps, user interfaces, coaching programs, email, podcasts, graphic and filmed videos, job aids, web meetings, smart documents, simulations, virtual worlds, and much more, depending on your needs, budgetary requirements, and delivery methods.

Read on for a few good blended learning projects from Allen:


How do you engage a diverse audience of 250,000 executives, management, and employees nationwide on your new business philosophy? This was the question one aerospace manufacturer had when they decided to switch over to Network Centric Operations (NCO). The client needed to build a common understanding of NCO strategy, language, and process for every person. They came to Allen for a high level curriculum design that would meet their business objectives. Allen’s blended learning solution, based on the discoveries made during the needs assessment, included 27 hours of instructor-led training, six hours of web-based training and three hours of simulation. The sections were divided into four tiered tracks based on seniority within the company. Each tier had relevant case studies, action plans, and simulations that focused on the role NCO played within that department. While Allen is currently developing the last tier, the overall results have been positive.


Training new hires and retaining them is an issue for almost every company. But when you are training approximately 6,000 per year as this financial client was, it becomes mission critical. They had an old web-based training course that discussed philosophy and business rules, but it wasn’t engaging and didn’t cover their new teller system. After a needs assessment with Allen, Allen discovered a need for real mentors—ones with experience as well as ones who had only been employed a few months–to connect with the learners. Allen designed four to five days of web-based training divided into multiple sessions that would go along with the instructor-led training. These modules included tutorials, system demonstrations, practice, goal based scenarios, and assessments. By delivering the right assessment and web-based training, this blended solution saved the financial client $1.16 million annually for every 1 percentage point reduction in teller turnover. The overall turnover in the first 90 days of employment dropped 3.6 percent after this course was implemented.

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