Blended and Hybrid learning: Creating the right learner journey


Blended learning is often used interchangeably with hybrid learning, but the two differ in their use of digital assets. While blended learning is usually a mix of digital and classroom modalities for formal learning experiences, hybrid learning combines formal training with informal and experiential learning in the workflow. The learning journey should provide the right combination of training assets and modalities (e.g., asynchronous eLearning modules, videos, simulations, job aids, in addition to instructor-led or virtual instructor-led) to drive learning outcomes.

Solutions Delivered to Our Clients

Panera learning experience with AllenComm

Panera: Building confidence through competency

AllenComm partnered with Panera to develop an advanced program focused on building confidence through competency. One of the objectives of the program was also to improve the internal promotion process of assistant managers to general managers. In this course, learners navigate twelve online micromodules and three ILT sessions that help them build their team, create a feeling of belonging and community essential to Panera’s food culture, and strategize to prepare for challenges. The learning program won a Bronze Omni Award in Education.

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Pearson: Reimagining the way history is taught

Pearson K12 Learning sought to create a modular, digital supplement to their U.S. History program that was flexible, intuitive, and engaging for high school students. So, they partnered with AllenComm to build Project Imagine, a fully immersive learning experience helps students see, hear, feel, and experience history in a new way. The course encourages students to ask questions, explore scenarios, and gain a new perspective on historic culture and everyday life through archival video, music, photographs, as well as 360° virtual reality. The learning experience created won nine awards including a Gold Omni Award in Education and a Gold Stevie Awards for American Business Awards.

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Pearson learning course with AllenComm

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