Blended Learning: create a training journey, not an event, to optimize application and results.


By delivering the right mix of elearning, classroom instruction, coaching, tools, resources, and apps, we can build training programs that match your learners’ needs.

Solutions Delivered to Our Clients


Healthcare Insurer

To keep up with the rapidly evolving healthcare industry and offer a way for physicians to receive the required training for insurance against malpractice, Physicians Reciprocal Insurance (PRI) challenged AllenComm to create a fresh, impactful, and transformational course that would be perceived by the physicians as worth their time. After a needs analysis, AllenComm chose a blended learning approach that would gain the learner’s attention. The five modules designed to make, support, and reinforce the case for why particular behaviors are necessary. This award-winning course incorporates the use of motion graphics, video, and interactivity.


Global Engagement Leader

Leaders at O.C. Tanner challenged AllenComm to create a learning solution to complement their Great Work product line. The training needed to appeal to a diverse audience and provide useful and engaging ways to practice the company’s Great Work skills. AllenComm chose to springboard off O.C. Tanner’s proven concepts and objectives by designing seven blended learning modules to be used in their Great Work eLearning. The award-winning course blends real-life and business results applications with gamification, interactivity, motion graphics, and microlearning.


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