Instructor-Led Training


The right training helps you gain the competitive advantage, by educating and engaging employees. Never settle for bad classroom training again. We will make your ILT something to get excited about.


Involve and Focus Learners

Don’t let training be nap time. Get your employees involved and excited with an interactive classroom. We know keeping learners focused and engaged can be a challenge in ILT, so we bring interactivity into the class through assessments, activities, and rich media. These tools can emphasize specific concepts and principles, keeping learners engaged and improving their retention. You can also bring tech into the classroom, either by creating virtual ILT, or giving learners mobile devices that allow them to interact with class material in real time.


Engage the Class with Competition

Bring out the competitive side. Few things spur discussion and engagement more quickly than a quiz or game. We like to build competition into training to keep learners involved. It’s important in instructor-led training to ensure learners are involved throughout the training, and injecting a game or quiz is a good way to do that. For example, with real-time participation, learners can respond to a quiz question, and the answers are compiled and delivered to an on-screen graph. Group responses allow for participation by everyone in the class, and stimulate discussion around both correct and incorrect responses.


Get Real-time Feedback

Part of effective classroom instruction is the making sure the facilitator is able to assess how well the learners understand and can apply the information. With the real-time interactivity AllenComm builds into ILT, you get immediate feedback on learner comprehension.

Giving learners places to respond improves the instructor’s ability to identify and address how well the students understand the information. The resulting discussion also creates an atmosphere of social learning that builds the interactivity and strengthens the community among learners.

Revamp Your Instructor-Led Training with AllenComm.