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Training Consultant Services to Scale Your Learning & Development Team

You already know that the right employee training and development programs are critical to the success of your organization. Choosing the right training consultant will empower your L&D team to develop the employee training that gets the results.

When you’re ready to design, develop, and deploy your next training solution, choose AllenComm as your training consultant and strategic partner to empower your team with innovative, impactful, scalable custom learning solutions.

We will identify and analyze the needs of both your learners and your organization through strategic use of a needs analysis, design results-driven learning experiences complete with data-driven training metrics, and build innovative solutions that scale.

Path to Competency<br />

Path to Competency

Great learning experiences center on individual learner needs. At our training company, Our team will work hand in hand with yours to address the big-picture and conceptual framework of your learning solution. From there, we will work with the learning content that you provide to make sure your learner is getting the right information at the right time. Once we have established the solution’s framework, we can begin to understand how to present the learning concepts in a way that will be relevant to your specific learners.

Path to Competency<br />

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Rapid Needs Analysis

A rapid needs analysis process helps us get to the bottom of your training challenges. Our team quickly identifies obstacles your workforce faces and uses that information to build a customized learning solution to meet your team’s unique needs. Discover how a rapid needs analysis can benefit your organization.

Extensive Needs Analysis

During an extensive needs analysis process we work with your L&D teams to determine the best plan of action based on the data that we gather. Our extensive needs analysis can be a feature for an entire training consulting course-building project, but we also offer it as a standalone service for those in need of a little boost. See how an extensive needs analysis can help your company.

Performance Mapping

The AllenComm performance mapping model aligns output from the analysis with key industry competencies in order to identify measurable outcomes needed to increase employee performance. These are translated into training-specific learning objectives that establish the direction for a scalable performance management plan.