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Tech Advisory

Engaging a learning tech advisor can provide an objective, insightful assessment of an organization’s specific needs for learning technology. A learning tech expert can not only recommend the best next-gen tools, but they can consult on the optimal integration of those platforms and applications within your learning tech ecosystem. The result expands the possibilities for digital and hybrid learning while ensuring that meaningful data is shared across key platforms (LMS, LCMS, HRIS, etc.)

Case Study

Freddie Mac

As part of an ongoing partnership with Freddie Mac, the AllenComm tech advisory team supports the company’s mission to provide financial skills to consumers by better equipping their organization for financial education. We have helped them to streamline integrations and sign-on protocols. Additionally, our learning tech advisors are helping them to be future-ready, anticipating the changes necessary to introduce AI into their learning tech ecosystem.

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Learning Tech Advisory for Scalable, Integrated Ecosystems

Most learning technology teams face an exciting but daunting challenge—how to keep pace with innovation while providing an environment that learning organizations and their learners can use. Our learning tech advisory can help you evaluate the technical needs of your organization, map out the current ecosystem, and recommend the best tools and integrations to suit your requirements.

Tech Needs Analysis
Ecosystem Design
Platform & Tool Selection

Tech Needs Analysis

The purpose of a tech needs analysis is to evaluate the learning technology infrastructure of the organization and to identify critical gaps that limit the distribution, efficacy, or reporting of learning programs. This assessment leads clients in making future-ready technology decisions.


  • Conduct stakeholder interviews and gather needs related to the limits and opportunities of learning technology in the organization
  • Create a learning tech capabilities matrix that lists the features and functions supporting organizational needs
  • Analyze existing platforms used to collect, store, and share learning data, identifying areas where data may be missing or where systems may lack integration


  • Deliver a learning tech needs and objective report that summarizes findings and outlines the organization’s current challenges and prioritized needs
  • Present a learning tech gap analysis that highlights missing functionality not represented in the tech capabilities matrix
  • Lay out a tech recommendations roadmap that categorizes recommendations based on urgency, available resources, and potential impact, serving as a step-by-step guide to achieving the desired outcomes

Ecosystem Design

Ecosystem mapping and design entails the creation of a comprehensive blueprint for an optimized learning tech environment that considers the organization’s goals, audience profile, existing technologies, etc. It results in a roadmap for creating a seamless and future-ready learning ecosystem.


  • Conduct an inventory of all learning tech used across the organization, detailing how the tools integrate and function together while also revealing redundancies, siloed functionality, etc. 
  • Map out the typical learning journeys of different learner segments and the required technologies to support these journeys
  • Plan for future technology selection and integration, considering emerging trends (such as AI), accepted practices, and demand for new functionality


  • Design a learning ecosystem map that lays out the current and future technology ecosystem for the organization, including recommended tools, their functionalities, and key integrations
  • Deliver a guide for learning journey tech integration to support each stage of the many learning journeys that will be supported by the ecosystem
  • Lay out an implementation and change readiness roadmap that outlines the steps to ensure user adoption and to maximize the impact of the new learning ecosystem

Platform & Tool Selection

To recommend the best learning technology for your ecosystem, an AllenComm learning tech advisory can analyze your specific needs and available resources to select platforms, applications, and Web services that integrate with your existing ecosystem.


  • Compare learning needs to available tools within the learning infrastructure to find areas where new tools (or training on legacy tools) may be needed 
  • Shortlist recommended technologies based on needs and established decision criteria, such as functionality, scale, interoperability, and user experience
  • Facilitate demos and proof-of-concept testing by working with shortlisted vendors to develop sample projects for hands-on evaluation


  • Deliver a platform or tool needs assessment detailing the functionality required as well as the desired technical specifications
  • Lay out a cost analysis and implementation roadmap to outline the key steps for integrating the chosen platform and tools into the learning ecosystem (data migration, user training, ongoing support, etc.)
  • Lead the vendor negotiation and contract support to ensure an advantageous licensing and service-level agreement

“Across the spectrum of integration needs, including advanced analytics and learning tech stack analysis and strategy, AllenComm is uniquely positioned to help… AllenComm is a services company with technology, not the other way around.”

Matt Pittman

Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group