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How to Lighten Your L&D Team’s Workload With a Winning Augmentation Strategy

The Great Resignation, hiring freezes and remote workforces are just a few of the market conditions impacting businesses today. These trends are increasing the demands on our learning and development (L&D) teams. The workload for L&D teams is getting bigger and priorities are shifting at alarming rates. Whether it’s to support business transformation or to offset talent shortages, effective staff augmentation is the solution.

In this webinar, we’ll go behind the scenes to discover the true nature of staffing and what it means to your organization. We’ll explore how to gain buy-in and adoption, and how to improve the integration and effectiveness of temporary contractors. We’ll also explore strategies to avoid risk with staffing. You’ll learn how staffing strategies differ, how to mitigate potential risk and how to minimize disruption and decrease time to productivity while ensuring consistent results.

This webinar will arm you with strategies to ensure your staff augmentation efforts will be highly effective. It will include insights on how to:

  • Know if staffing is right for your L&D team.
  • Identify and avoid risks.
  • Explore the hidden benefits of staffing for L&D.

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