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Analysis and Strategy

Common Challenges We Solve

Are you ready to build out a new learning ecosystem? Or optimize your existing one?

– Do you have a learning ecosystem that fails to deliver the learning experiences necessary to drive success?

– Do you wish to develop new learning experiences but are uncertain about the technologies, integrations or platforms that would be needed?

We offer learning architects ready to provide the expertise you need to build the technology framework for your solutions.

How We Can Help

Allow us to assess your tools, systems, and requirements so that we can assist you in designing a customized roadmap that is suited to your specific needs.

  • Interview Stakeholders, Business Leaders, IT professionals, L&D professionals
  • Capture your learning technology requirements
  • Develop use cases and user stories for each of your learning audiences
  • Assess your current technologies and platforms
  • Develop technical strategies and the steps required to reach your goals