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Award-Winning Creative Services for Dynamic Learning

Elevate your learning journey with AllenComm’s Creative Services. From engaging UX design to immersive motion graphics, we craft bespoke solutions for impactful learner experiences. In the realm of learning initiatives, the learner experience is key. As the educational landscape evolves, effective design becomes imperative for engaging and impactful learning journeys. At AllenComm, our award-winning creative services team stands ready to captivate your audience with a diverse skill set spanning artists, Emmy-winning journalists, and seasoned creative directors. When you choose AllenComm to develop your learning solution, you get a multi-disciplinary team of creatives ready to ensure that your project is engaging, impactful and on-brand.

Featured Work

UX an Interface Design

From phones to 32” monitors, meet your learners on the screen of their choice. Our signature UX is mobile ready and has already been used by millions of learners worldwide. Plus, we are customizing interfaces daily, using best practices to fit the unique needs of your learners.
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Whether it’s a demonstration, dramatization, or an introductory message from a respected leader in your organization, training video production creates an emotional connection with your learning audience beyond any other digital medium. Our storytelling solutions range from YouTube-style shoots to full-scale corporate training video productions based on your specific needs.
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Motion Graphics

When video is impractical, bring your content to life with eLearning motion graphics. Increase learner retention or shorten seat time by simplifying complex concepts with explainer videos and eLearning animation. Motion is the perfect medium to show instead of tell. Or motivate your learners with dynamic introductions to modules, courses, or curricula.
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No modern website, training or otherwise, is complete without WCAG compliance. Pick your level of compliance and we will make sure that graphics, fonts, colors, and styles pass contrast and readability requirements. Then we’ll work with our technical team to make sure all other aspects of your course meet your technical standards of inclusion.
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Branding & Identity

We implement your brand into every deliverable from the curriculum level down to the sentence level. If your project requires special branding of its own, we’ll consult with you on how to name, visualize, and implement curriculum-specific branding that fits in with your company’s brand. Then let us help you communicate that message company-wide to give your training all the attention it deserves.
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Instructional Media

Photography, illustration, infographics, charts, tables, and more can all play a part in your visual strategy. We can turn that strategy into a visual symphony. Make each graphic match your learning strategy, engage learners with interactive visuals, or editorialize compliance training. We’ll draw in your learners on every screen, and use an inclusive range of photography and illustration to make sure your learners feel represented.
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Crafting Immersive Learning Experiences

The learner experience – how it looks and feels – is key to the success of your learning initiative. In today's immersive media landscape, good design is a must-have for an impactful, engaging learning experience.

We're a training company with an award-winning creative services team. We know how to get the attention of your audience. The AllenComm team of design professionals includes artists; Emmy-winning journalists; and experienced agency-level creative directors, graphic designers and copywriters. We're versed in the best and the latest techniques to produce your graphics, animations, or next video. When you choose AllenComm to develop your learning solution, you get a multi-disciplinary team of creatives ready to ensure that your project is engaging, impactful and on-brand.