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Learning Portal: Take Control of Your Training Delivery 

At AllenComm, a learning portal is more than a learning management system (LMS). It’s not just a place to host and deliver your courses, resources, and other content needed to train and develop a large audience of learners, it’s a tool that becomes part of the learning experience, integrates seamlessly with your other systems, and respects your specific requirements. We have a range of models to fit your needs.

Essential Learning Portal

Sometimes all you need is a way to do some simple hosting, delivering, and reporting of elearning content without all of the fancy features. When that is the case, our Essential Learning Portal is the answer.

Enterprise Learning Portal

The Enterprise Learning Portal is AllenComm’s newest learning portal offering that blends off-the-shelf with some configurable templates to provide you with a more unique look and feel. With a robust feature set and configurable, responsive templates, you can choose the features that you need in your learning portal, and organize the layout of those features for a user experience that makes sense.


This completely custom learning portal solution is limited only by your imagination. We start with our core product, and then partner with you to design, configure, and implement a learning portal to precisely meet your needs. Our learning portal not only provides a robust feature set, but also integrates with other systems to create a seamless user experience and “one-stop shopping” so that your users can find everything they need in one place.