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Organizational Readiness

The factors contributing to the success of a learning initiative often take place prior to design and development. AllenComm Advisory helps to enable the strategic planning and analysis that leads to readiness.

For the most critical initiatives related to business transformation, new product launches, new technologies, and more, clients need to ensure their alignment with other stakeholders, including business unit leaders, organizational development, talent management, and the learning technology team. This alignment not only accelerates adoption but ensures a real contribution to achieving business outcomes.

Case Study


The messaging and story told by representatives of an organization must be consistent and on-brand to build trust and have a positive impact. Multinational information technology innovator HP (Hewlett-Packard) had a critical organizational project: They needed to develop a global [...]

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Organizational Readiness Enables Transformative Learning

Several factors contribute to the success of learning in an organization. Change readiness provides a communication and rollout strategy. Strategic governance of the learning and development function defines the roles and responsibilities. And skills mapping ensures alignment with all stakeholders on the priorities and outcomes for the training.

Change Management
L&D Governance
Capability & Skill Mapping

Change Management

Our approach to learning change management results in a change readiness assessment that has practical guidance for communications, rollout, knowledge transfer, and business integration.


  • Conduct current-state analysis via interviews, workshops, and audience surveys
  • Assess the impact of change outlining both the benefits of the change and the factors causing resistance
  • Map the workflows that outline how the change will impact operating procedures


  • Present a communication plan with recommended messaging for each impacted team or group
  • Lay out a change roadmap with milestones for key activities, skills management, and associated KPIs
  • Recommend feedback mechanisms including prescribed check-ins and pulse surveys

L&D Governance

We advise learning and development (L&D) and HR leadership on governance practices for the learning function. These may include definition of roles, responsibilities, and procedures for working with stakeholders, making key decisions, allocation of resources, etc.


  • Facilitate executive interviews & relationship-building with key decision makers such as the Chief Learning Officer, Chief Human Resources Officer, and other executive stakeholder
  • Review current practices related to budget allocation, strategic planning processes, team structure, and operating principles
  • Conduct a governance needs assessment that identifies the highest priorities for additional or improved governance with associated performance indicators (KPIs)


  • Propose a governance structure or framework with clear role delineation for decision-making
  • Establish governance processes and workflows to prioritize efforts that align with organizational goals, impact performance, and demonstrate a return on investment
  • Create communication and implementation plans to communicate the governance model and processes to all levels as part of a roadmap aligned to key metrics

Capability & Skill Mapping

The alignment of specific skills or capabilities to team members roles has evolved from job-task analyses and competency frameworks to today’s needs for personalized and dynamic skill or capability profiles. Alignment on prioritized skills is a key success factor for your learning initiative.


  • Identify critical skills and capabilities by consulting with stakeholders, conducting research, and reviewing requirements
  • Gather and evaluate existing data and data from surveys, assessments, job descriptions, and performance reviews
  • Map and visualize critical gaps between desired skillset and current individual and team skill levels


  • Deliver a capabilities matrix to provide visibility into individual, team, and organizational talent profiles
  • Create strategic workforce development plans to prioritize talent development efforts
  • Align slills management processes with identified skills

“Their strategic practice is the foundation of their expertise. AllenComm works with you to understand the business need…ensuring adoption, utilization, and integration are happening at maximum effectiveness.”

Matt Pittman

Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group