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Talentstaffing, outsourcing, and placement for any role on your learning and development team ​

Talent Services

Staffing of Learning ProfessionalsInstructional designers, project managers, learning experience designers, writers, etc., available on-demand

Staffing Strategy: Improve the integration and effectiveness of temporary contractors.

Talent GuideSource multiple roles to fulfill a team need for learning professionals

Strategic resourcing of the learning function is often achieved through a combination of internal resources, suppliers, and independent learning talent. This strategy provides flexibility to respond to temporary surges in demand or access to the necessary expertise

AllenComm Talent provides clients with access to an extensive network of learning and development professionals that meet our high standards for quality. We can augment the output of your existing team, expand access to learning experts, or quickly respond to unforeseen changes in resourcing needs. Depending on your needs, we can source talent based on industry experience in healthcare, finance, insurance, manufacturing, etc., or domain expertise in onboarding, sales, compliance, leadership, or skills development

We provide a free consult with a talent expert. Or you can start the process yourself with our short assessment

“Because we’re learning leaders, first and foremost, our analysis of your staffing and talent needs is paramount and a key differentiator. Unlike transactional recruiters, we’re not looking for the right keywords. We’re looking for expertise, and we break that down into capabilities, specializations, experiences, interpersonal factors, and more. Our goal is to partner with you and share ideas. We provide you with recommendations and not resumes.” 
Lauren Prisco (Arnel) 
Director, AllenComm Talent 
Our end-to-end esperience with AllenComm has been best in class. We developed a great collaboration built on trust and confidence in AllenComm’s ability to adapt and be responsive to the needs of the business. I vew Kraft Heinz’s collaboration with AllenComm as a true strategic partnership.
Kraft Heinz
Our end-to-end esperience with AllenComm has been best in class. We developed a great collaboration built on trust and confidence in AllenComm’s ability to adapt and be responsive to the needs of the business. I vew Kraft Heinz’s collaboration with AllenComm as a true strategic partnership.
Kraft Heinz

Build a World-Class Learning and Development Organization

Our talent services are designed to help you create a learning and development team with the skills, specialized expertise, and scalability to lead out, becoming a trusted partner to your stakeholders and an agent of change in your organization. With AllenComm as a partner in your learning workforce strategy, you can dramatically increase the solutions and options you bring to these stakeholders. You’ll have the confidence to respond positively to new opportunities to contribute without the worry that the team will be overburdened or fall behind.


A Smart and Scalable Staffing Solution

Temporary staffing can fill a key niche in your overall learning workforce plan. AllenComm has an approach that can reduce the extra effort, scaffold success, and scale with your need. Our differentiator is our expertise as learning professionals, which we use to match and qualify learning experts from our network. We prioritize our learning expertise in this process, recognizing that recruiting excellence, while essential, plays a supporting role.


  • Needs consultation with a learning leader to help identify core capabilities, culture, and success criteria 
  • Vetting and interviewing processes that we tailor to your preferences and timeline 
  • A network with the full range of learning skills and levels of expertise, including instructional designers, learning strategists, creatives, and learning technologists. 
  • Flexible agreements that allow you to increase or decrease staffing talent as your needs change  
  • Oversight without interference, with anytime access to engagement data, including hours and assignments 


  • Increase the chances of success and decrease onboarding time 
  • Save time—professional L&D staffing can be 3x faster than doing it yourself 
  • Have ready access to learning talent that already has the expertise you need (including those with specialized expertise in AI prompt engineering) 
  • Decrease administration and procurement paperwork by working with an agency rather than individuals 
  • Minimize management—we summarize all assignments and hours reporting in an easy online location 

Outsourcing of Learning Roles or Team Functions

Often, the need for learning talent isn’t for an individual or even a few individuals. The answer may be to outsource certain learning functions or roles. This can range from partial outsourcing of a function, such as learning operations or eLearning development, to managed learning services (MLS) or business process outsourcing (BPO). At AllenComm, we design a workforce outsourcing plan specific to your needs. This may help with the implementation of new learning technologies or new programs. It may also provide efficiencies that enable you to better leverage your in-house learning leaders and experts.


  • Expert analysis and advisement from experienced learning leaders (not recruiters) 
  • A custom workforce outsourcing plan based on your needs and objectives 
  • Full outsourcing, following an MLS or BPO model 
  • Outsourcing of targeted functions such as elearning development, learning tech administration, course facilitation, course maintenance, etc.  
  • Consolidating data reporting and oversight  


  • Better upfront alignment on goals and objectives 
  • A tailored plan that balances your needs, costs, and timeline–not a one-size-fits-all solution 
  • Focus on your business expertise, and we’ll bring the learning expertise  
  • Fill gaps in your expertise and capacity  
  • Minimize overhead and administration 

Placement of Full- or Part-Time Learning Professionals

Over the last twenty years, as new learning technologies and approaches have evolved, the range of capabilities and types of specializations within the learning profession have grown exponentially. Finding the right talent for your in-house team can take months when you factor in all the process steps. This timeline only grows as the criteria for the role become more specific. AllenComm leverages our talent network, which has been developed over 40 years in the learning and development industry, to place the best available candidates for permanent roles on your team.


  • Talent consultation, profile analysis, and benchmarking from an experienced learning leader (not just a recruiter) 
  • Access to an extensive network of learning professionals (including passive candidates) 
  • A streamlined qualifying and interviewing process tailored to your specifications 
  • Options for temp-to-hire or direct hire 
  • Contingency plan should things not work out 


  • Precision profiling of needs streamlines the process and increases the likelihood of success 
  • Network recruiting is much more successful in the long term than mere posting of job availability 
  • Receive recommendations and not just resumes to reduce the hiring burden 
  • Flexibility to reduce risk or manage your headcount allocation 
  • Decrease time and cost when unforeseen challenges arise 

Talent FAQ​

  • What L&D roles do you source?​

    Our expertise covers the full spectrum of learning and development roles, from instructional designers or developers crafting engaging eLearning modules and assessments to seasoned performance consultants and learning technologists. We can also connect you with learning leaderscurriculum developerslearning management system (LMS) specialists, and in-person or virtual classroom facilitators. As today’s learning roles become more specialized, you may also need an expert in gamificationsimulationadaptive learning, or AI. ​​

  • How do you find qualified instructional designers?​

    Leveraging our extensive network--cultivated over 40 years in the learning industry, we source top-tier instructional designerslearning technologistsLMS administratorsproject managers, and other learning professionals. This vast network allows us to connect you with qualified candidates working as independent contractors and consultants as well as with highly skilled professionals who are actively searching their next opportunity. The key to finding the right talent is an informed understanding of your business needsteam culturedesired outcomes, etc. We provide a free consultation with a talent expert to ensure we qualify the talent based upon the criteria most important to you. ​​

  • Do you guarantee quality? ​

    We guarantee the quality of the talent that we place. Sometimes, despite careful analysis and qualification, a temporary or permanent talent may not be meeting expectations. In these situations, we will source a replacement candidate at no additional cost at any point in the engagement. ​​

  • What is your pricing? ​​

    The pricing for any of our talent services varies based on the specific skillsets and the individual experience of the independent consultant to be engaged. Because we work with talent with differing levels of expertise, we have very good benchmarks on market rates and will negotiate the best rate to suit both your needs and your budget. This is a big part of the value that we bring. If we believe that we need additional budget to secure the level of expertise required, we will tell you upfront. However, because we need to understand the work to be done and the level of expertise and experience required, we are not able to provide pricing without a free consultation with one of our talent experts.