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Staff Training for Financial Services


Smart Staffing: Contract Professionals for L&D Roles

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With Smart Staffing, our clients quickly augment their learning and development needs backed by AllenComm's top talent, 40+ years of award-winning experience, and industry domain expertise to facilitate seamless collaboration. AllenComm clients take advantage of this hybrid staffing model of both internal and external resources to provide for short- or long-term needs. With domain expertise in onboarding, leadership, product and compliance training, our team becomes your team. We bring together designers, writers, artists, UX specialists, and technical leads to support your content expertise and ensure consistency that allows your team to scale.

Main Industry Focus



To many projects, and not enough bandwidth or time?

Place immediate talent that allows your team to rapidly scale, avoid wasted time, and meet deadlines.



Don't have the right resources with the proper skills?

We expand your team's capabilities with skilled L&D experts that can audit, design, and oversee projects.



Need alignment to your established workflow?

Our L&D experts become a part of your program seamlessly and adapt to your current workflows and team dynamics.

We understand that every industry and organization is different. That you don’t just provide a warm body to augment your staff needs. We help you support new learning initiatives or scale existing programs. AllenComm learning and development experts are inserted into your team seamlessly to offer a superior level of support.


Instructional Designers • eLearning developers • Multimedia/graphics developers • Leadership facilitators • Program managers • Training coordinators and specialists • Project managers • Performance consultants • Learning strategists • LMS administrators • QA specialists • Technical writers • Documentation specialists • Instructional support specialists

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AllenComm has more then 21 years of experience with training staff augmentation services. Our L&D experts quickly achieve a deep depth of understanding of your objectives, strategy, business structure, and finding the most efficient path to success. Our goal is to provide experienced professionals that you need and trust.

Give your organization more flexibility with access to additional L&D talent backed by superior support. Whether you need long-term or project-based staffing—we help you with your needs. You decide the level and duration of staff augmentation. You have lower liability risk. There is no long-term investment of full-time staff or the hassle of onboarding and upskilling new talent. In short, AllenComm support will help you get projects started—quickly.

eLearning Industry Client Review

Industry: Consumer Goods | Company size: 10,000+ 

What did you like best working with AllenComm?
"Very impressed with the depth and breath of expertise AllenComm brings to a collaboration. From design to development, the AllenComm team brought thought leadership and innovation while expertly navigating multiple stakeholder and subject matter expert relationships, managing tight deadlines, and delivered a best in class learning experience. The superior project management team and support provided was exceptional.”

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"Providing L&D teams with staff personnel from a group of experienced professionals with knowledge directly relevant to their industry can be a game changer. Many teams are understaffed and over-utilized. Our clients choose AllenComm for our domain expertise, tailored approach to meet their needs, and transformational solutions.”

- AllenComm CEO, Ron Zamir