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Custom eLearning Development Solutions to Drive Performance

Here at AllenComm, we take time in the design phase to make sure every interaction, every interface element, every click, or touch in your custom eLearning solution means something.

 This could include different paths for unique audiences, pre-assessments to guide them through training, self-guided menus to put them in the driver’s seat, simulations that mimic real applications, games to put them in challenging situations, storytelling videos that highlight experts in their field, or simple assessments that require critical thinking rather than memorization. We also use our resources such as the highest quality media treatments, motion design, mobile learning, and beautifully branded visuals to ensure your brand’s credibility is enhanced by the learning exchange, not challenged by it. Our passion is to deliver a unique elearning solution that will have a real impact on your learners and your business.

How AllenComm Can Help?

  • Consult with your team to identify gaps between learner behavior and expected results.
  • Use human centered design to engage your learners and hit your business goals.
  • Find the right technology to align your elearning experience with your business strategy.
  • Propose an innovative and creative solution that will transform your elearning.