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DesignLab: A Learning Content Platform

When you work with AllenComm, you’ll have the option of using DesignLab, a collaborative cloud-based design platform that makes it easy to keep your HTML5 courses and content fresh and relevant. DesignLab provides a custom activity library for your organization that can help you easily create, maintain, and publish your content across multiple platforms and formats.

Here's How It Works

Access to the DesignLab experience is available to clients who work with AllenComm to create custom courses. This tool can be used during the design and development phase to work closely with AllenComm experts to create your course.

Enhanced Capabilities

For large projects, an enhanced version of DesignLab is available to interested clients. This includes all of the maintenance features mentioned above with advanced capabilities that allow you to add new modules to your existing course and create new courses.

DesignLab Features






Client Results

AllenComm clients that have used DesignLab for their projects have extended the life of their training content and significantly reduced the cost to maintain their courses. One large client has reported a reduction of their production costs by over 39%. Read more about that client’s experience with DesignLab here.

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Maintaining Your Course

After your course has been delivered, DesignLab can be used for continued maintenance when changes need to be made. DesignLab allows you to update your content, update the colors and theme to meet brand guidelines, and manage the translation of your course.