O.C. Tanner – Leadership Training


O.C. Tanner, a global engagement company, sought to create a suite of digital leadership training resources to complement their Great Work product line. The training needed to appeal to diverse cultures, industries, and socioeconomic groups. Additionally, the materials needed to be relevant, useful, accessible, and offer opportunities to practice the Great Work skills in a fun and engaging ways.

Leaders at O.C. Tanner challenged AllenComm to create a learning solution that would set them apart in the marketplace and go beyond rote learning of concepts by focusing on action-based, real-world application. Success benchmarks for the course were relevance, brevity, and compelling content.


AllenComm chose to springboard off O.C. Tanner’s proven concepts and specific objectives and design seven gamification modules to be used in their Great Work eLearning. AllenComm set out to create a fun and engaging collection of micro courses that provides real-life and business results application and has a lasting effect on the learners. We wanted learners to walk away feeling that the training is absolutely worth their time and contains valuable, retainable information that motivates and supports performance.


The AllenComm custom solution incorporated a blended learning solution from a variety of modalities including:

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Motion graphics methodology icon

Motion Graphics

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  • Provided a highly engaging, best-in-class learner experience with crisp writing, great design, and dynamic gamification strategies
  • Assessed the learner’s ability to “try out” skills in ways that don’t feel rote or contrived
  • Published for desktop and laptop primarily, but also for mobile devices
  • Ensured modules are SCORM-compliant


Gold Brandon Hall Human Capital Management (HCM) Excellence Award for Best Custom Content

Gold Brandon Hall Human Capital Management (HCM) Excellence Award for Best Use of Games and Simulations for Learning

Platinum Best of Show Aurora Award

Horizon Interactive Award