Nordic Naturals – Brand Training

Business Challenge

Nordic Naturals, an internationally renowned dietary supplement company, sought to create a foundational, inspirational learning experience for all new and existing team members. They needed a brand training program to build a consistent message for all employees on the company principles, product base, and brand. They challenged AllenComm to create a web-based training with a follow-up, instructor-led training program to achieve those goals.

AllenComm Solution

AllenComm worked closely with Nordic Naturals to develop a 45-minute online training course. A variety of activities were used to engage the learner while also allowing the learner to model and practice the principles associated with Nordic Naturals’ principles and products. AllenComm created a follow-up instructor-led training to ensure long-term retention and application of principles previously taught.

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This course and initiatives aimed to facilitate convenient access to current resources will help successfully:

  • Orient team members in ways that increase speed to proficiency in their roles
  • Foster a greater sense of unity, community, and company pride
  • Increase retention, team member satisfaction, and company outcomes



Summit Award in Education Website for “We are Nordic Naturals”

Gold Omni Award in Education for “We are Nordic Naturals”




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