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IAFC Responds to Challenges With Collaborative Skills Training

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Awards Won

  1. Bronze Telly Award in Craft-Use of 2D Animation category


About This Project

How do modern fire departments develop the cohesive teams needed to protect and serve the community? International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC), the organization of leadership representing firefighters and emergency responders, needed a learning solution to train both paid and volunteer firefighters and first responders with the necessary skills to handle an increase in incidents and service call volume in their communities, all while maintaining elevated service standards.

The training had to prepare fire department personnel with the skill set needed to transition to combination teams, when necessary; build a collaborative team culture to effectively work together to protect and serve; and develop the interpersonal leadership skills to successfully conduct community outreach. The three learning solutions created had to be versatile and adaptable enough to be customizable, so that learners could choose to take courses as needed.


The AllenComm team designed an ILT and digital course that would equip IAFC learners to determine whether conditions warranted a transition to a combination firehouse staffing model, and how best to create the strategic plan. The course included presentation content, training and participation guides, a web-based landing page for easy accessibility, scenario-based assessments to be used to aid in decision-making, guidance in strategic planning processes, and real-world based activities to reinforce learning and build confidence.


  • Reduce the time it takes to transition from a volunteer department to a “combination” department
  • Improve collaboration and bond between paid staff and volunteers
  • Build a positive staff culture
  • Increase the retention and recruiting fire personnel
  • Increase the value and trust of IAFC among fire departments
  • Increase the number of requests for training and consultation
  • Increase the number of IAFC membership


“AllenComm’s team brought new meaning to customer service. We were completely satisfied with all deliverables, but their team went above and beyond when we truly needed it. Because the IAFC is not an educational company, we didn’t know what we didn’t know. We had to shift gears a few times and the AllenComm team completely understood and worked with us to build what our members needed. There is little doubt that this visually stunning online course, coupled with our immersive instructor-led training, will bring value to the fire service for years to come.”

spencer cheatham

program manager, international association of fire chiefs