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BD Revolutionizes Its Clinical Practice Training

Services Used

Awards Won

  1. Silver Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award in Learning Technology
  2. Silver Telly Award for Health and Wellness category
  3. Silver Telly Winner for Training category
  4. Gold Omni Award for Health and Fitness category
  5. Bronze Horizon Interactive Award in Websites – Training / E-Learning


About This Project

It’s standard practice for healthcare professionals to work in a hands-on, face-to-face environment when meeting with patients, and for clinical training sessions. But in-person training pulls busy clinicians away from patients’ bedsides, stretches resources thin, and reduces training completion rates.

BD, an innovative industry and market leader in the development of high-quality medical devices and disposables, wanted to apply the same revolutionary approach it takes in medical device development to create a new, effective, digital, on-demand learning solution.


AllenComm applied a web-based microlearning approach—allowing start and stop features—that gave nurses the flexibility to fit the training into their very busy schedules. In addition, the training was designed to boost interest, motivation, and confidence by appealing to the values that drive healthcare professionals as well as illustrating best clinical practices.

The digital learning solution was developed to prepare clinicians for face-to-face interactions with patients. Once the training is completed, BD provides the conduit for facilitating those interactions.


Learners were able to:

    • Choose what learning content to review and when to view it
    • Self-assess their skills and familiarity with products and procedures on their own
    • Interact with newly introduced medical devices with confidence
    • Comply with federal guidelines for delivering patient car
    • Access the learning content and activities across a wireless connection on mobile devices


“From the time we initially had our project design workshop through the finished product, AllenComm has been a trusted and valued partner for their ability to deliver quality offerings with graphics and detail that goes far beyond that of most vendors in this space. We are continuing to use them not only for their expertise, but for their commitment to exceeding customer expectations.”

kim scoggins

global director, clinical education