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Immersive Onboarding Training for Accounting Services

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About This Project

The professionals that provide accounting services – including tax, audit, and advisory services –must perform with a high-degree of attention to detail and focus on getting it right.

A leader in the financial services industry needed a way to empower new hires with real-world, confidence building learning that would set them up to be successful in their new roles. Although new hires are the best and the brightest MBA graduates right out of business school, they still needed an immersive training that would clearly demonstrate daily processes. It had to illustrate the flow of data through the less visible parts of the system, and how to navigate departments within the organization to be effective and impactful in their role.


The AllenComm team designed an immersive digital training experience to streamline the onboarding process that prepares new hires to be effective, confident, and successful. We provided video learning enhanced with rich media to introduce the client’s team, illustrate key knowledge, and demonstrate critical daily workflow processes. For example, the learning experience included simulations to practice accounting processes and learn how to be prepared for new assignments. We used the latest advancements in effective learning methods for busy adult professionals, including microlearning and gamification to engage and motivate.

Noteworthy results include:

    • Reduced seat time by 25%
    • Increased employee speed to competency
    • Increased employee retention


“This training has been well received at all levels of our organization. We are getting feedback that this training takes the learner experience to the next level. Learners love the fact that they have the opportunity to interact with our customers earlier in their training journey. One of our main objectives was teaching our specialists to be resourceful, and this training does just that!”