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Onboarding Training to Improve Skill Acquisition

Services Used

Awards Won

  1. Gold Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Best Advance in Custom Content for Learning and Development category
  2. Silver Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Best Results of a Learning Program for Learning and Development category
  3. Gold Davey Award for Features-Structure & Navigation for Websites
  4. Bronze Horizon Interactive Award in Websites – Training / E-Learning

About This Project

Sometimes, you want to make some exciting updates to the family-favorite recipe you usually follow – without losing any of the flavor.

ADM is a leader in science-based nutrition, trusted to manufacture the ingredients found in food and beverages in many family-favorite recipes and products in homes across the globe. Their team of food scientists, flavorists and chefs are proud of ADM’s inspired solutions that meet consumers’ evolving taste, wellness, and nutritional needs. With a team of nearly 40,000 employees, ADM sought to upskill employees on the process and steps needed to ensure workplace safety and operational efficiency, and high product quality.


The AllenComm team created a digital learning solution with a 60-minute seat time for onboarding and systems training that included a cinemagraph, a case study with instructional flow, 3D images integrated in the course, and a customized principal activity.

We used media-rich video obtained directly from the factory floor to instantly get learners’ attention and create a visual context they would recognize to add relevance and improve motivation.


  • 90% improvement in engagement during first 30 days
  • 70% improvement in learning retention vs paper documentation
  • 30% Improvement in number of days between recordable/lost workday incidents
  • 70% reduction in monthly average of cost of poor quality
  • 75% reduction in weekly unplanned/unscheduled downtime due to operators’ errors
  • 90% reduction in weekly unplanned/unscheduled product scrapping due to operator errors


“AllenComm has become a strategic partner in ADM’s vision to create an engaged, enabled, and empowered workforce. The learning solutions AllenComm created are a key enabler in ADM’s goals to deliver the highest quality nutritional solutions to our customers!”

james rhodes

director of global technical training & development, adm