A Recipe for Successful Learning Solutions

An Onboarding and Upskilling Training Case Study from Our Work with ADM

Challenge: Develop the right onboarding and upskilling training for nearly 40,0000+ employees with the processes and steps needed to ensure workplace safety, operational efficiency, and high product quality. 

The award-winning team at AllenComm developed the training with the aim to: 

  • Scale to meet the demand of training a workforce of 40,000+ 
  • Innovate to create learner experiences that would enhance operational efficiency and quality 
  • Impact by successfully using learning to increase employee productivity and increase the frequency of first-time quality inspection pass rates 

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ADM Is Awarded Two Brandon Hall Group Awards For Learning & Development.

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“AllenComm has become a strategic partner in ADM's vision to create an engaged, enabled, and empowered workforce. The learning solutions AllenComm created are a key enabler to ADM’s goals to deliver the highest quality nutritional solutions to our customers!”

- James Rhodes, Director of Global Technical Training & Development, ADM