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Onboarding Training in a Changing Landscape

In a world that’s ever growing, where employee training needs to scale and evolve to meet danger head-on, who can possibly help pave the path forward? Why, the AllenComm Avengers of course! Their ability to work together and create just the right blend of custom corporate training solutions can help you—and everyone around you—get the most (bam, pow, IMPACT!) from your onboarding training!

How Your Learning Leader Type Approaches Onboarding Training

Last week you probably took the quiz to really figure out what kind of learning leader you are. Well, now that you’re back, it’s time to see how Cutting Edge, Exabyte, Adapt-a-Girl, and Ralphie bring their own strengths to truly make their mark with onboarding training.

Cutting Edge (Trailblazer):

“The best and brightest want to work for a company that sets trends instead of follows them. Let’s show our new hires that they are the ones who will bring us into the future.”

Cutting Edge understands that growth involves focusing on your foundation. Creative solutions, fresh perspectives—He aims to use company values and the legacy of those who came before him to lead the way into new and exciting industry standards.

Innovative types of training methods might be just what you’re looking for to reach the new generation. As the workforce starts seeing more millennials and Gen Z individuals, Trailblazers can look at making the most of modern technology to really strengthen their onboarding power. If you’re equipped to grab your new hires’ attention now, you can look forward to decreased onboarding time, increased focus and productivity, and enrichment in the force that will one day be the company’s future.

Exabyte (Go-getter):

“Experience is the best teacher, so our new hires need to hit the ground running. By offering a resource library and a quick access interface, our new hires can access the info they need when they need it.”

Exabyte is organized and methodical. She likes to have everything necessary for success easily accessible. She believes that by encouraging ambition, drive, and imagination, new hires are more likely to use the tools provided to succeed in their roles.

Having an open resource library or accessible interface can help reduce the amount of time it takes for your new hires to find answers to the questions they’re looking for. They’ll be better at analyzing and reacting to situations. They may even find more independence. Inner strength. Really tackle challenges that come their way. That’s not to say they’ll be working solo, but providing the tools needed to reach the next level can be a critical component to individual growth.

Adapt-a-Girl (Game Changer):

“Thanks to our interview process, we’ve only hired people whose professional philosophy matches our own. Our onboarding programs should reinforce that philosophy and strengthen our professional bond.”

Adapt-a-Girl takes numbers and sets goals. The type of goals that yield results and, when achieved, raise morale. She feels that when her new hires’ values match her own, they can better work together to reach the same finish line. And when they reach that finish line? Well, it’s ready to start another marathon! The world waits for no one.

Onboarding training programs for this style should pull in statistics from previous years or certain victories. Motivate new hires to look at the numbers and say, “How can I beat this?” With the right drive, support, and friendly competition, employees will be more likely to overcome benchmarks and improve overall efficiency in the workplace.

Ralphie (Mix Master):

“Each new employee is different, and our onboarding should respect that. We should create a few different tracks for our onboarding, and let new hires choose which track works best for their learning style.”

Ralphie understands that no two people are the same—What matters is how you bring everyone together to shine and show their passions. He knows that new hires who feel like they have a voice, who feel like their ideas are worth something, are more likely to stay. They’ll want to strengthen their personal power.

Different onboarding tracks may include deciding between hands-on training or web-based modules. Maybe the decision involves committing to accessibility standards for visual and auditory components. When programs are designed to fit an individual’s needs, they’ll have what it takes to fulfill their responsibilities and become a true asset to your team.

You are every bit as capable of becoming your own learning leader and blazing the way. So, what’s stopping you? Take these onboarding thoughts and continue riding that wind into the future, and feel free to contact us for  some additional ideas. Be sure to tune in next week for the upcoming issue on Brand Training!