Brand Training That Blends Company Values and Experience


Brand Training

Brand training is the process of educating employees on the company values, vision, and what it stands for. A successful brand training program strikes the right balance between company rules and policies and the experience of living the brand.  

At AllenComm, our process includes gathering the right information to build a training that connects employees with your brand. We use relatable stories and real-life examples of your brand to increase brand consistency and boost brand strength.

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Companies with a favorable brand reputation get 2x as many applicants and spend 10% less on each new hire.

- Harvard Business Review

AllenComm Brand Training Success Stories 

Award-winning Content

An award-winning course was created for a supplement company to build a consistent brand message for all employees on company principles, product base, and brand.

Technology that Scales

A scalable brand training platform was delivered to a manufacturer of software computer services where more than 230,000 users accessed and completed personalized brand training.

Training with Impact

A comprehensive brand training was built for a global commercial and consumer machine manufacturer. The customized training made an impact on brand awareness with its open-navigation design that allowed for adaptive learning.


What Can AllenComm Do to Help Your Company?

  • Analyze your current training program to identify and determine what you can do to boost your brand training.
  • Propose a solution that will meet your brand’s needs and ensure the best possible brand training outcome.
  • Elevate your brand training content to be more personal, experiential, immersive, and motivational.
  • Create components that build micro-habits, instill brand awareness, and shape on-the-job behaviors.