Brand training that connects employees to your brand


Brand training is the process of educating employees on the company values, vision, and what it stands for. A successful brand training program strikes the right balance between brand guidelines and policies and the experience of living the brand.

At AllenComm, our process includes gathering the right information to build a learning experience that connects employees with your brand. We use relatable stories and real-life examples of your brand to increase brand consistency and boost brand strength.


Thought Leader


Senior Performance Consultant

“If you want your employees to exemplify your brand show them what it looks like in their day-to-day responsibilities. Internal Brand Influencers can model your brand in a relatable way. Brand Influencers fill the branding cracks in your business that training can’t touch.”


Client Success Stories

HP course AllenComm

Information Technology & Services

To reach learners and connect them to the brand vision, HP and AllenComm developed a unique brand training that helped over 300,000 employees understand their effect on and connection to HP values, purpose, and voice. The ten brand experience courses built empowered and transformed 400 brand ambassadors, growing their global brand value.

Nordic Naturals course AllenComm

Health, Wellness & Fitness

AllenComm worked closely with Nordic Naturals to develop a 45-minute online training course for all new and existing team members. They needed a brand training program to build a consistent message for all employees on the company principles, product base, and brand. A variety of activities were used to engage the learner. A follow-up instructor-led training was also created to ensure long-term retention and application of principles previously taught.


How AllenComm Can Help?

  • Analyze your current training program to determine what you can do to boost your brand training
  • Identify gaps between learner behavior and expected results
  • Elevate your brand training content to be more personal, experiential, immersive, and motivational
  • Use human centered design to engage your learners and hit your business goals
  • Find the right technology to align your learning experience with your business strategy