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Brand Training: From Zero to Hero

Imagine a world where perception is reality, where how you are seen affects your success and influence. Surprise! That’s the world in which most companies exist. A company’s brand plays a huge part in creating new business, which is why brand training is a must for a company to grow. But what if your internal brand training isn’t clear or engaging? If employees don’t feel convinced about the brand, how can they effectively present it to the world? In the hour of need, the AllenComm Avengers are here to take your brand training from zero to hero!

Remember when you took that quiz a while back? Well, now it’s time to see what Cutting Edge, Exabyte, Adapt-a-Girl, and Ralphie the Mix Master can do to tackle your brand training program.

Cutting Edge (Trailblazer):

“Industry leaders got where they are by approaching their brand from outside the box—our brand training needs to do help our staff do the same thing.”

Cutting Edge realizes that strong brands leave a distinct mark wherever they go. People who push boundaries and find new paths to innovation want to engage with a brand that creates passion in those around it,

Build engagement through context, tangible brand examples, and practical exercises. The brand itself is an incredible vehicle or mechanism to engage employees—make good use of it! Capture your vision and chart a path for innovation using learning assets that breathe new life into workplace training. Mobilize your vision and optimize the learning experience via tech-powered programs to drive home the brand experience.

Exabyte (Go-getter):

“Branding can turn on a dime, and our training needs to follow suit. Modular, mobile training programs can keep new hires and veterans on the same page.”

Exabyte takes her vision and drive for better performance and scales the training appropriately. She knows that wherever employees are, training must follow at just the right time and place. Shifts in business or culture must be recognized and accounted for.

Try scaling the training to directly fit the need of the employee.

Creating an in-depth training process may be necessary to ensure that employees have access to every bit of information they need to maintain an accurate brand image, from photo libraries and color palettes to fonts and even audio. Try scaling the training to directly fit the need of the employee. The right tools will give your learners the meaning and purpose behind the brand in order to provide a consistent brand experience.

Adapt-a-Girl (Game Changer):

“Our best brand ambassadors are doing something right—let’s pick their brains and build a toolbox of best practices and teach them to the rest of the team.”

Adapt-a-Girl sees the potential in every employee to impact the brand, and pursues a course of action to help them realize the value of their unique contributions and solutions. She provides the tools to empower people to be the best ambassadors they can be.

Social media is everywhere, meaning that employee behavior online can show off the brand positively as an ambassador or negatively as a detractor. Employees who are brand ambassadors stay on with the company longer and are much more likely to win people to the brand. Establish performance metrics, benchmarks, and success indicators in order to enhance performance and track outcomes.

Ralphie (Mix Master):

“Let’s crunch some numbers to see what has worked in the past and see if we can use that info to create something no one has ever seen before.”

Discover what motivates your personnel by asking what they love about the brand.

The Mix Master’s approach understands that every person is different and helps you to develop the best recipe for success. Using multiple approaches, Ralphie gets people excited about and engaged with the brand.

Internal marketing is an excellent approach to brand training. It produces a culture around your brand and motivates people to see brand differently. Recognize people who exemplify the culture. Discover what motivates your personnel by asking what they love about the brand. The right tools and technology should integrate all the elements of your approach into a cohesive experience.

Your potential as a learning leader is enormous. What obstacles do you face? What are the challenges? What are the rewards? We have plenty more ideas about brand training don’t have to stop here: feel free to contact us and continue the conversation.

Tune in again next week for the upcoming issue on how your learning leader type tackles compliance training!