Compliance Training that Balances Regulations with Culture.


Compliance Training

Compliance training is a formal program that addresses policies, procedures, and actions to help prevent and detect problems that may result in violations of laws and regulations.

At AllenComm, we take compliance training a step further by digging into the company goals and objectives. Then, we work to ensure your compliance training is in balance with your company culture to help your employees understand how and why company policies and procedures apply to them personally.

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77% of organizations face an external compliance audit at least annually. Only 48% believe they are highly prepared for a compliance audit.

- Brandon Hall Study

AllenComm Compliance Success Stories 

Award-winning Content

An award-winning compliance course was created for a healthcare insurance company to strengthen clinical reasoning skills and prevent malpractice lawsuits.

Technology that Scales

An innovative and scalable training platform was delivered to thousands of teens to teach them the importance of hunter safety.

Training with Impact

A personal, interactive training was designed to inform and empower pregnant women faced with a series of pre-natal testing choices.


What Can AllenComm Do to Help Your Company?

  • Analyze your current training program to identify and determine what is needed to speed time to competency, increase retention, and boost engagement.
  • Propose a solution that will tailor the experience to specific employee roles, company culture, and business goals.
  • Elevate your content to be more personal, experiential, immersive, and motivational.
  • Create components to build micro-habits, instill values, and shape on-the-job behaviors.