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Link’spiration™ – Friday July 19th

Link’spiration™ – Friday July 19th

Link'spiration™Link’spiration™ – A chance to be surprised and inspired by unexpected connections

Videos we dig
As we work with our team of motion designers, we continually expand our own vision of video as a powerful training tool. We love finding examples that spark our creativity, and help us develop innovative solutions for our clients. These three caught our attention for both their content and style.
Video-Based Learning

Clam Kings
Many of our clients want humor in their training, and we are happy to comply. But the line of what is funny and what isn’t can be a tough one to walk, especially in online training. Think how many jokes can be delivered flawlessly in person but fall flat in email or text message. At Allen, we use our ANSWER analysis to ask the right questions to deliver the most effective humor. In this example, the PBS station, Thirteen, demonstrates appropriate, timely humor with a twist, designed to change behavior.
ANSWER Analysis
Thirteen Video

The future of the book
Good instructional design always challenges itself in terms of content, structure, and community. A great example of pushing the boundaries is IDEO’s vision of books. How can we take a standard concept and rethink it? In our custom training solutions, that’s just what we do.
IDEO’s Vision of Books

Project Mighty
In addition to lengthening our Christmas wish lists, Adobe’s experiments with hardware like Mighty and Napoleon have us considering performance support and system approaches to learning. Adobe seems to be asking the same questions we ask with every project: What range of tools can we give our learners to enhance their performance? And how can we integrate these tools seamlessly into their work experience to create a system of support?
Mighty and Napoleon
Learning Portal – System of Support

In our own backyard
At our core, we are educators. We dedicate our lives to improving performance, teaching, and learning. We have been inspired by a member of our marketing team who helps us remember that communities of learning and knowledge sharing can change the world. Dallas Graham created Beehive Braintree, an organization where locals teach classes to other locals for an hour and a half. Classes vary in topic, from vintage makeup to salad making to pallet gardens, and costs for the classes are minimal and go directly to cover the cost of space rental. We love the idea of leveraging the expertise of individuals to improve and strengthen the whole community; knowledge in the hands of many instead of in the hands of few. How can you share knowledge and inspire learning in your community?

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