ANSWER Analysis

The success of any training project depends first on what you know.

Directors, managers, and anyone responsible for leading a performance improvement initiative must quickly analyze the needs to be met, what approaches comprise the best blended solution for your unique situation, and what actions to take to produce results.

At AllenComm, we’ve developed the ANSWER analysis, a four-hour training consulting session to help you figure out what you need to know. During this session, one of our instructional designers will lead you and your team through a discussion of all of the most important issues you need to consider before you begin a large project, including:


Understanding your learning audience will help you determine how best to engage them. We ask questions like: What motivates these learners to learn and to apply new knowledge and skills on the job? How are their professional goals related to this initiative?


We help you identify and prioritize needs as well as determine which needs are best met by training or a combination of coaching, policy/role changes, tools and job aids, and workplace changes.


Knowing where you’ve succeeded in the past and why enables you to utilize your unique strengths to your advantage.


Discover what lessons learned from past mistakes can help you determine a better approach.


Being able to gather all of your content and information can help you establish updates, gaps, and accuracy in the documents.


We help you prepare ways to gather evaluation data to measure the results so you can prove your business objectives were met.


An ANSWER analysis is a perfect way to start any new performance improvement initiative regardless of whether you develop the solution using internal resources or if you create a Request for Proposal (RFP) for help from external partners. After the session, we’ll provide a brief report that includes:

  1. Documented findings from the session
  2. Recommended blended solution design
  3. Discussion points and questions for working with your technical team
  4. Action items to help launch the project

The report from the session is delivered within a week from the session and can be a valuable tool as you establish the timeline for the project, work with stakeholders to generate support, secure internal resources, and develop an RFP.