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Restaurant Chain Delivers Excellence With Leadership Training

About This Project

A popular, well-known restaurant chain needed effective, flexible leadership and skills training to maintain its exceptional quality and customer service during a period of amazing growth.

How do you scale and implement a new training solution in the midst of organizational change and growth, while retaining a personalized experience for the employees who will be providing the customer service experience?



Scale, consistent brand messaging, and learner support through change were all critical pieces of the design for this blended course that included web-based training and instructor-led learning experiences. The AllenComm team created an agile development process for the learning and technology design to allow for both scale and future updates that would be made to the training course. The completed learning experience included an asset catalog, community forum, customizable toolkits, and an action planner that also worked as the in-person learning guide, as well as Netflix-style video and peer experiences to help practice skills and improve decision making.


  • Increased operator satisfaction through agile learning
  • Enhanced development and accountability for restaurant operators to deliver best-in-class consulting services
  • Improved employee engagement and performance
  • Elevated leadership management


“This training has been well received at all levels of our organization. We are getting feedback that this training takes the learner experience to the next level. Learners love the fact that they have the opportunity to interact with our customers earlier in their training journey. One of our main objectives was teaching our specialists to be resourceful, and this training does just that!”