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Skilled leadership has the power to make an incredible impact on the success of your organization. Leadership development training is vital to instill confidence, create a growth mindset, improve collaboration, and reach greater performance.

AllenComm works with forward-thinking brands to plan and prepare the way for their next generation of great leadership – leadership ready to manage change. We create employee leadership development for new and advancing frontline managers, matrix leaders, senior leaders, and executives. Work with us to use effective learning solutions – whether in-person, blended, or through virtual leadership training – that helps you reach the future you envision.

what our clients have reported

15% increase
in productivity


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60% reduced
training time


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7% reduced


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Empowering Leaders, Rising to Meet the Challenge

A Leadership Training Development Case Study from Our Work with Panera Bread

Challenge: Develop a leadership training program for thousands of managers of the associates charged to maintain an excellent customer experience amid a global pandemic.

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Empowering Leaders, Rising to Meet the Challenge

Leadership Capability Models That Define Behaviors For Positive Business Impact Webinar


Performance Strategy Manager

"Are your leadership capability models actionable and aligned with your business goals and values?

In this webinar, you’ll explore how your own capability or competency learning models can function as more significant, consistent instructional strategies throughout your learning initiatives.If you’re still working on building your own model this session will offer inspiration for a structure that may work for your organization and your learning development offerings.”



Food and beverage

Panera created a blended learning experience to increase internal promotion and retention rates.

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Management Consulting

Healthy Companies scaled its leadership training with immersive, and compelling, digital resources.

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Non-profit Organization

CIS empowered educators with innovative blended learning solutions.

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How AllenComm Can Help?

  • Analyze your current leadership development training program to identify and determine what is needed to speed time to competency and influence learner’s behavior.
  • Consult with your team to identify gaps between learner behavior and expected results.
  • Use human centered design to engage your learners and hit your business goals.
  • Find the right technology to align your learning experience with your business strategy.