Leadership Training that Empowers Employees


Leadership Training

Navigating the increasing challenges and complexities facing businesses today requires leaders who remain true to their personal values, can promote change while remaining adaptable, and are accountable for the business objectives. Effective leaders at all levels of your management team increase employee engagement and contribute to the success of the entire organization—so how do you make good managers into great leaders?

At AllenComm, we understand that the development of your leadership team is a critical investment in the continued growth and stability of your company. We have the experience, expertise, and passion to help you develop and deliver high-performance leadership skills training across all management types, including front-line managers, matrix leaders, senior leaders, and executives as well as future leaders.

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Organizations that extend development of high-potential talent below senior levels are 4.2 times more likely to financially outperform those that don’t.

- DDI Global Leadership Forecast

AllenComm Leadership Success Stories 

Award-winning Content

An award-winning onboarding course was built for an industrial food group to improve new leaders’ technical and leadership skills. The training empowers them to succeed through challenges, resources, insight, and support.

Technology that Scales

QLI had an instructor-led course with the information and techniques to create workplace change, they needed an eLearning curriculum that organized the information in a way that best helped people learn and remember these tools.

Training with Impact

O.C. Tanner, a global engagement company, sought to create a suite of digital leadership training resources to complement their Great Work product line. The training needed to appeal to diverse cultures, industries, and socioeconomic groups


What Can AllenComm Do to Help Your Company?

  • Analyze your current training program to identify and determine what is needed to speed time to competency, increase retention, and boost engagement.
  • Propose a solution that will tailor the experience to specific employee roles, company culture, and business goals.
  • Elevate your content to be more personal, experiential, immersive, and motivational.
  • Create components to build micro-habits, instill values, and shape on-the-job behaviors.