Responsive Next-Gen Learning Technology

The award-winning AllenComm portal is different. With a flexible architecture, it isn’t another training management system—it’s a next-gen learning, performance, and engagement suite that stands alone, enhances, or even replaces your traditional LMS.

Your Vision: Our Technology

Built on a configurable platform, our portal drives results for leading companies by accentuating the features that matter most to business goals. We align with your vision, creating a portal that fits your culture and accelerates performance.

Our Model

Elegantly designed, each portal draws on a core architecture proven in the most rigorous performance and compliance environments.

We focus on:

Experience Design

Portal design goes beyond logo and colors. We work with you to identify the features that matter most (never overwhelming with dozens of marginally important features). We excel at highly branded, even customer-facing portals.

System Integrations

We play well with others, integrating with everything from HR systems to CRMs, even to other LMSes (or any system of record). This means we can unify all the data you need to drive performance, automate tracking, and report progress.

Collaborative Feature Design

We design for your specific users, drawing on a suite of learning tools that includes performance support, gamification, microlearning, curation, and social learning. Our partners don’t apologize for their learning systems; they show them off for conferences and awards.


The AllenComm portal doesn’t tie you to a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we work with you to design and deliver innovations and enhancements as your business changes. And because we don’t charge for extra users (crazy talk!), our clients grow without hurting budgets.


Our portals are as varied as our clients. The AllenComm Portal drives learning and performance for millions of users at many of the largest global companies. Here’s a sample of some of our recent work.


We deliver a comprehensive enterprise or extended-enterprise LMS. In fact, our portal is annually ranked by and others as a best-in-class learning system.


Our SmartPortal model means users don’t wade through irrelevant content. We recognize the user as an individual and present them with the content they need for their unique role and challenges.

Program Portal

Some programs benefit from advanced dashboards, tracking, and branding. We build program-specific portals for everything from brand ambassadors to leadership to sales and products knowledge—for both internal and customer-facing audiences.


We integrate with existing programs or LMSes to power new features, including microlearning, personalization, mobile access, gamification, and social learning.


Many clients have an LMS or corporate learning site, but the user experience is poor. We help by building elegantly designed portals that become the face of a learning experience, while still tracking data to the system of record.

Performance Support

For skill-building programs, our portal aligns learning and doing by providing performance support to help learners apply new skills on the job. We even help benchmark and track performance and provide smart follow-up strategies.

Let’s identify the strategies that matter most to your performance goals.

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