<h1><span style="color: #333333"> NESTLE EMPOWERS EMPLOYEES WITH EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING</span></h1>

More consumers than ever before are shopping for their groceries online as the global digital marketplace expands.

As a forward-thinking international food manufacturer, Nestle sought to incorporate the necessary digital transformation efforts to be ready for the future and prepare its business and employees to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive environment.

Nestle needed solutions, including more effective training methods and experiential learning to meet the needs of a broad audience of learners.

Nestlé Omni University

AllenComm built a robust learning experience that addresses the needs of four learning groups: marketing, sales, product development teams, and cross-functional teams. Omni University is a one-stop resource created to support each participant’s unique learning journey. The omni complete strategy is for all learning groups to grow their skills as the market and their roles evolve. At this writing, the Omni University considerations are being integrated into all 2021 plans for all major Nestlé brands, categories, and retailers. So far, over 70% of respondent feedback gave Omni University a five-star rating.


  • Increased OMNI IQ among all employees, with a post-training assessment score of 70% and above

  • Helped all major brands and accounts to incorporate OMNI requirements into their annual plans

  • Planned to grow sales on track to outpace market growth at more than 150 growth index before 2023

“Working with AllenComm is like expanding the size and might of my team. Not only is the design and delivery top notch, but they helped me transform the strategic approach to better drive performance results. ”


Nestlé Due To Course

AllenComm also built Due To, a learning experience built to surprise and delight Nestlé marketing learners. Within the Due To course a short business story is represented for marketers to use as they prepare to talk about the business in any given moment. Due To had to grab their attention from the very first page and show them how much easier their job could be if they took a few minutes to learn a new method. The just-in-time training points learners back to the Due To approach and reinforces the importance of using the approach over other data methods.


  • Traced the line of logic from raw data to business implication

  • Modeled general manager behaviors in presenting business insights

  • Saved time in analysis to invest more in action



  1. Silver Omni Award in Education
  2. Bronze Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Award for Best Advance in Custom Content
  3. Silver Davey Award for Websites Training
  4. Silver Davey Award for Websites: Features Best User Experience
  5. Gold Omni Award in Education Website for Omni University
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