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Korn Ferry Gets Smart Leadership Training to Empower Employees

Services Used

Awards Won

  1. 2020 Gold Brandon Hall Excellence Award for Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy


About This Project

How do you empower employees and promote organizational success during a time of transformational change and transition?

The AllenComm team partnered with global organizational consulting firm Korn Ferry to provide an effective, comprehensive leadership competency training for their client during a significant transition period at the company that included organizational restructuring, the launch of a new competency-centered career architecture program, and a shift toward increased support for employees. The training had to empower learners with the skills to exceed performance expectations through use of competency-based SMART goals. The courses provided foundational knowledge, clear guidance, and modeling for competencies that would be integrated into the flow of work.


AllenComm worked closely with Korn Ferry to develop a learning process that would engage a broad audience of learners. The learning experiences needed to be designed to be inclusive of all existing and new employees, including all levels of seniority and tenure.

The courses consist of four micro-learning modules designed to efficiently equip learners with the necessary skills and knowledge. The courses were designed to be engaging through the use of motion graphics, a self-assessment diagnostic tool, and additional development plan activities.


  • Established the client’s reputation as an “employer of choice” by attracting and retaining industry-leading talent through an increase in employee satisfaction and retention
  • The learning course gave employees a sense of personal investment from the organization with a clear path toward advancement


“AllenComm partnered closely with us to bring our rich knowledge, perspective, and research on leadership to life through a unique learning experience for individuals. The platform allows for a fun, engaging, and easy to use experience. It is unique as it allows for each employee to have a personalized experience given their interest and development needs.”

Kristin O’Neil, a principal consultant at Korn Ferry who specializes in learning and development