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3 Surprising Characteristics for Better Leadership Training

3 Surprising Characteristics for Better Leadership Training

For decades, employee development teams have worked toward tackling the challenges of building better leaders. Research by organizations like McKinsey has shown the importance of leadership development training for the success of an organization. For instance, successful leadership development programs need an average of 40 key actions to increase performance by 80%. However, that same research also found that some actions matter more than others.

The Role of Wellness in Leadership Development Training

Though the journey toward success for leaders is multifaceted, one of the most important factors is health. So, employee development teams need to consider more knowledge if they want to improve organizational or individual performance. The physical and psychological health of leaders is critical to businesses. CEO of Healthy Companies, Bob Rosen, emphasizes that the best leaders are not only self-aware but tend to have three vital qualities.

Committed – Beyond a commitment to their organization and employees, great leaders must also be committed to their continued personal and professional development.

Grounded – Grounded leaders have a healthy foundation that allows them to navigate change.

Conscious – To take charge of change management initiatives, conscious leaders have a realistic understanding of the impact of change and see the big picture.

Bob goes on to describe his learning experience platform, mentioning the importance of a holistic approach. Viewing employees as whole people, with individual characteristics and values is vital to building a successful learning program. When considering the effect of drive or motivation on learning outcomes, the relationship between individual characteristics seems clear. And this is particularly relevant for leadership training. What characteristics do your current leaders bring to the table? Perhaps a more personalized approach, focusing on developing these three qualities can drive success for your organization as well.