Performance Mapping: Create Training that Works


The process of creating performance maps analyzes what motivates learners, what they need to do, and what they need to know in order to change their behaviors. AllenComm’s model aligns output from the performance analysis with key industry competencies in order to identify the measurable behavioral outcomes needed to increase performance. These outcomes translate into training-specific learning objectives that establish the direction for a tailored training and performance management plan.

When we create performance maps, our goal is to provide a meaningful learning experience that produces real business results and has a lasting effect on learners. Performance mapping drives our decisions when selecting strategies and activities for training. The diagram below is an example of how the business goal of improving customer service has been mapped out.

The performance mapping process has generated enthusiasm for our clients around creating training with purpose. As our account teams work with clients, this uniquely AllenComm approach makes a huge difference in shaping the design of a course and avoiding a boring and uninspired content push that learners soon forget.

Organizations that are considered to be the best companies to work for are the ones that understand the value in the commitment to training, realizing that if done right, the cost of training is truly worth the investment.

Let your next training initiative be one that really makes an impact for both the learner and your business.