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Give your learners the information they need when they need it.

Our microlearning techniques will make your training targeted, relevant and accessible to help solve your toughest training challenges.

Limited Time, Exceptional Design

Microlearning techniques consist of so much more than bite-sized courses. It doesn't matter how many 3-minute videos or 90-second reference tools you have if there's no instructional design behind them. To change behavior in less time than traditional training, every part of your course has to have a purpose.

AllenComm’s experienced instructional designers build creative, effective microlearning programs that meet your business objectives and create lasting behavior change. Lay the foundation for success with great design.

Microlearning Techniques

Microlearning Techniques

Designing effective training that works means tailoring your programs to learner needs. Behavior change comes when you give employees the right information, in the right way, at the right time. When building your strategy, you need to know when to use microlearning and what modalities will communicate your message.

When building your microlearning strategy, you need to know which microlearning techniques to use and which modalities will best communicate your message. For example, microlearning videos should target one subject, behavior, or skill to keep your training content focused and concise. The microlearning platform you use should be made for mobile learning and offline access to improve content consumption.

AllenComm’s experienced designers help you understand if microlearning is right for your training, and if it is, when and where it should fit into your curriculum. Find out where microlearning could work for you with help from the AllenComm team.

Microlearning Example: Domino's Builds their Brand

Domino’s came to AllenComm with a challenge. The company has a large, diverse, widespread workforce and corporate training programs for franchisees are voluntary. Domino’s needed a short, engaging, on-brand training to get buy-in from franchisees, and also effectively educate employees.

AllenComm worked with Domino’s to create the Pizza Maker course. This course was focused on improving employee performance through an inspirational introductory motion graphic, three modules, and several on-the-job resources. The three microlearning modules focused on an aspect of quickly, accurately making pizzas through a fun, simulation game.

The Pizza Maker course was so successful in terms of improving employee performance and increasing voluntary participation that Domino’s is now creating microlearning modules for other portions of their menu.

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Microlearning Example: Domino's Builds their Brand