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Panera Bread Emboldens New Leaders to Rise

Services Used

Awards Won

  1. Gold Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Technology in Best Advance in Software for a Training Company
  2. Bronze Brandon Hall Excellence Award in Technology in Best Advance in ILT Management and Delivery
  3. Silver Brandon Hall Award for Best Advance in Creating a Learning Strategy
  4. Silver Brandon Hall Award for Best Unique or Innovative Leadership Development Program
  5. Gold Horizon Interactive Award in Restaurant / Food Industry category
  6. Gold Horizon Interactive Award in Training / eLearning category
  7. Silver Horizon Interactive Award in Video – Instructional category
  8. Bronze Omni Award in Education
  9. Silver Omni Award in Education Website category
  10. Gold Davey Award for Websites : Features Best Use of Navigation
  11. Silver Davey Award for Websites Training
  12. Silver Davey Award for Advanced Leadership Development
  13. Silver Summit Award for Education Website
  14. Silver Summit for Advanced Leadership Development


About This Project

Good leadership has a powerful impact on the experiences of bakery-café associates and creates a positive atmosphere for guests. With more than 2,000 bakery locations nationwide, Panera Bread recognized an opportunity to maximize its power to do good and demonstrate how much it cares about its employees, company culture, and customers with a new leadership training program.

In keeping with Panera company values, it wanted to improve the internal promotion process of assistant managers to general managers – a shift that would have a powerful positive transformational effect on its culture long term.


AllenComm partnered with Panera to develop an advanced program focused on building confidence through competency. Management learners navigate their way through twelve online micromodules and three ILT sessions that help them build their team, create a feeling of belonging and community essential to Panera’s food culture, and strategize to prepare for challenges.

Participants learn skills to bridge the gap between acquiring a new skill during training and applying the new skill on the job by engaging in activities such as writing goals, answering questions, and reflecting on the daily application of new behaviors they’ve practiced.


The course and activities:

    • Encourage new leaders to practice and apply new leadership skills
    • Increase internal promotion rates
    • Retain skilled employees
    • Improve quality of food and speed of service
    • Cultivate a food culture that celebrates sustainable and nutritious food
    • Build a diverse and supportive community


“AllenComm is very open to collaboration and feedback but came with a strong point of view. The expertise level is impressive, and the people are a real pleasure to work with. Felt like an extension of our team and that the commitment level to success never wavered.”

scott millward, learning & development

senior vice president, panera bread