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5 Creative Ways To Recognize Top Performers In Online Training

How To Recognize Top Performers In Online Training

We assume employees are only interested in monetary gain. To some extent, they are. If you asked anyone to choose between a raise and a commemorative plaque, it’s obvious what they’d pick. Still, recognition of superior work and skills is an ego boost. It makes them feel valued, and it also enhances job satisfaction. This means that they’ll stay longer, do better work, and benefit the whole company. You can use elements of your online training to seek out your top achievers. You might even notice expertise in areas you hadn’t considered evaluating. Below are 5 innovative ways to not only identify top performers in online training but also give them the recognition they deserve.

1. Use Serious Games To Test Their Mettle

We find our careers in all sorts of ways. Maybe through a vocational test in high school or college, that identified potential jobs we’d be good at. We may have pursued an activity or profession we were passionate about. It could even be as random as seeing an ad in the window, walking in, and getting hired. Once we land the job, many of us just do what we’re told. We keep to the job description and stay within our department. This means we never explore or discover other skills we might have.

To recognize top performers in online training, program a series of skill-based games to identify who is good at what. You can assess communication, manual dexterity, interpersonal maneuvering, technical knowledge, or managerial ability. Top performers in online training – those who stand out in a particular skill-set – can be recognized for their innate talents, and you can personalize their L&D path. Serious games also point out areas for improvement based on their job requirements. For instance, a customer service employee needs to work on their communication abilities or problem-solving skills.

2. Acknowledge, And Track, Their Achievements With Badge-Based Rewards

You might never know your colleague can effortlessly troubleshoot and repair faulty equipment, or that they learn languages really quickly. Or even that they’re great at public speaking. Set up test categories and encourage your team to explore them. This exposes your undiscovered human resources. You could include a leaderboard or a badge system. For every test you pass, you get a badge in your online profile. This builds esteem and makes it easier to unearth and utilize your team’s ‘hidden’ skills.

The tests and quizzes should be light and fun. If they induce panic or stress, staffers will avoid them. It should also be clear that it’s not mandatory, or punitive. If corporate learners think they’ll be penalized for failing, or that it can negatively affect their job scale, they won’t risk it. You could design them as small ‘coffee break’ activities between units. Think of it as the stage in a video game where they perform tasks for hidden rewards. In a video game, they get extra lives or weapons. In their online training course, they’ll get a badge or special icon.

3. Launch A Certification Online Training Program

Certifications give employees the ability to work toward a structured goal and achieve personal fulfillment. They must work hard to complete the necessary coursework and activities, then pass the exam. Only then will they have the chance to proudly display their printable certificate or place it in their virtual display case. In the process, your organization can identify undisclosed talents and ensure that everyone is meeting company standards.

4. Give Them A Guest-Hosting Spot In Your Next Webinar

Top performers have specific skills and expertise that they can share their peers if given the chance. Let your employees know that a guest speaking role in your next live online training event is up for grabs. They must meet their requirements, such as achieving certain badges or certifications. Or even earning the top spot on the leaderboard. Those that excel have the opportunity to gain public recognition from their peers now and in the future. Thanks to the fact that you’ll be recording the event and adding it to your online training library.

5. Corporate-Sponsored Donations

This is a more unconventional approach to recognizing your top performers in online training. But it’s ideal for altruistic employees who want to not only be acknowledged but give back. There are certain gift basket companies that work with charities. When you buy from them, they take 10% of your purchase value and donate in your recipient’s name. It’s effortless for you, and you get a nice thank-you card in the mail. You could apply the same principle to your online training.

For those competitive games that we mentioned earlier, tie it to a charity. When corporate learners score a certain amount, send a donation in their name. The gift should go to a charity or project of their choice. It makes them feel good about themselves. For a more direct link, their high scores could earn a top-up to their corporate pension plan or annual bonus. The idea is to quietly encourage corporate learners to take these exploratory exercises, spotting hidden gems. These previously unseen skills can then boost your company’s service range. And it could earn the staff member a promotion too!

There are lots of ways to say ‘thank you’ and ‘well done’ to top performers. In the corporate setting, you’ll probably get a gift hamper and an elaborate awards ceremony. Why not use your virtual program to do something a bit more creative? First, use games and quizzes to stealthily test and identify desirable skills. For every new skill, your corporate learners could get a digital badge or icon showing their mastery. The badge will be pinned to their digital profile. Then they aren’t tempted to stray, because acknowledging their hard work and unique talents can keep them satisfied on the job.

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