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Siteline: An AllenComm Augmented Reality Innovation

We’ve been talking about Siteline a lot recently. Here’s a refresher: “The revolutionary Siteline mobile platform reduces…errors and accelerates performance. Drawing on advances in mobile technology, personalization, and visual computing, Siteline simplifies content management and triggers support directly at the points of greatest need.”

Siteline was initially pioneered for one of our manufacturing clients. We applied Siteline to their floor processes by using its augmented reality (AR) capabilities to help workers operate their machinery. In an awards submission, we described the client’s use of Siteline in the following way:

Siteline uses a unique Visual Performance Support model (VPS) to accelerate learning, provide superior on-the-job support, and help make critical processes stick…. The VPS model features a content structure that pairs a powerful content library, which provides general access to all content in the system, with highly visual 3D models. The user can access content through either medium, as well as navigate back-and-forth between the visual models and the library…. This visual cross-referencing of content helps with recall by allowing users to “see” reference points within their physical working environment. It also helps today’s increasingly visual learners find content in a natural way that better suits their preferences.

Pretty neat, right? Now that we have Siteline, we’re itching to use it to help more clients. They don’t have to be manufacturers, though: we’ve been thinking of some new ways to use Siteline in new industries.

Augmented Reality Applications


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: surgery is an excellent field for AR technology. Surgeon Nadine Hachach-Haram gave a TED Talk describing how AR is being used in the field to connect newer surgeons with expert ones. We think that there’s room to bring even more AR technology into the field through Siteline!

Siteline’s capability of producing 3D models paired with a comprehensive reference library would allow surgeons to train with everything they need at their fingertips. Surgeons could manipulate the models to practice performing surgery, sort of like a high-tech game of Operation. In some circumstances, surgeons might even be able to have Siteline with them during their first few surgeries so that they can have that help of “seeing” reference points within the patient’s body—similar to the way scopes are used.

Real Estate

Giving a property tour? Don’t forget to point out the crown molding or the hand-laid tile! Siteline could provide an overlay of key information on a model of the home that would allow realtors to practice the tour beforehand or even use as a reference in real time. If potential buyers have questions, keeping details stored in the Siteline library for immediate access will make it easier to give the correct answers right away.

Siteline could also be used as a potential feature on a website. If real estate companies want to allow remote tours for buyers, they can allow them to use Siteline to tour the properties, see the overlay of information, and find additional details on their own. This would be especially useful for relocating or expat buyers or renters.


Some of the most dangerous jobs involve motorized vehicles. When learning to operate one of these vehicles, you can never be too careful. The more technological support, the better, and the reference points on Siteline can help vehicle operators learn the ropes of starting, braking, steering and more.

But wait! That’s not all. Siteline can also help operators know what to do when, say, a red blinking light shows up on their dashboard. It can give information on what to do when driving in an ice storm, and it can even help operators troubleshoot technical trouble within the engine.

That’s Only the Beginning

There are so many other ways that Siteline can be used to help train across different industries! If you think your industry is a good fit for Siteline, reach out to us.