Working processes in manufacturing, maintenance, and similar fields are increasingly complex. But most companies’ performance support strategies haven’t changed. The result: critical errors annually cost billions in non-compliance, downtime, maintenance, quality, and turnover.

The revolutionary Siteline mobile platform reduces these errors and accelerates performance. Drawing on advances in mobile technology, personalization, and visual computing, Siteline simplifies content management and triggers support directly at the points of greatest need.

Here's How it Works:

1. Experience

Classroom theory is nice, but employees are increasingly visual and hands-on. Siteline uses high-fidelity 3D modeling or visuals to put new hires "in front of" complex equipment from day one.

2. Scale

Your support content is likely hundreds of pages and inconsistently used. Siteline employees a digital, role-based library to deliver content across sites, making content management easy at scale. Every role gets precisely the content needed when it matters. Managers can even assign toolkits and track completion, so they don’t have to worry, for example, that a new hire didn’t follow SOPs ahead of an audit.

3. Measure

Your team’s ability to apply critical processes fast and correctly is vital, but it’s hard to know if a team is prepared—until there’s a problem. Siteline uses rapid, mobile diagnostics to show you exactly how confident and ready your workforce is for any critical process at any time.

4. Optimize

Once you know where your liabilities are, you can take smart action. Siteline’s personalization engine aligns content with each user’s individual needs. Leaderboards and reports make benchmarking and improvement fun.

5. Perform

When questions arise, Siteline makes sure your team can access the content they need within 10 seconds from any screen. We also automate delivery while avoiding complicated IT integrations by allowing users to scan error screens, location-specific cues, or even machine parts with their camera to access guides and simulations.

6. Track

Your support content is an investment in your workforce. Our system draws on a reporting engine proven in the most rigorous training and compliance environments, allowing you to identify the tools that work, avoid those that don’t, and address likely risks before they impact you.

The Siteline system is a step-forward in performance technology.

We improve learning speed, scale support content, reduce errors, and most importantly, accelerate confidence and productivity.

Put Us to the Test

We’re confident Siteline will improve your team’s performance, and we’re willing to prove it.

Contact us to schedule a pilot test, and together we’ll build out Siteline with one of your critical processes, measure the impact, and prove the value.

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