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Engagement Weekly: Importance of Employee Feedback

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into the importance of employers reacting to employee feedback, letting your employees thrive in a creative workplace culture and why employees should be their own project managers.

Get the full stories below.

1. The Number One Way to Keep Employees Engaged – Don’t let engagement levels drop off after employees begin their jobs, instead, keep the engagement flowing within an organization. Read More

2. How HR Can Help Recruitment Improve Employee Engagement – When managers improve employee engagement, they are also increasing productivity, staff morale and retention by up to 20%. Read More

3. Employee Engagement Statistics – In a 2015 survey, 27% of employees said they would like to quit their jobs and 70% of employees who felt disengaged intend to do that. Read More

4. 5 Ways Employee Engagement Improves Company Culture – When implementing employee engagement tactics, give and take note of recent employee surveys to see where improvements need to be made first. Read More

5. Employee Engagement Isn’t Just Another Tick in the HR Box – Employee engagement is more than motivated workers, it’s about impacting the organization’s financial bottom-line. Read More

6. Labor Day Memo: Work Friendships Fuel Employee Engagement – Labor Day celebrates not only the working class, but the strengths and social bonds they give to the trade and labor organizations. Read More

7. How Real-Time Feedback Can Help Boost Employee Engagement – Real-time feedback can diversify your channels and encourage two-way feedback. Read More

8. How Allowing Employees Creative Freedom Can Boost Engagement – Managers should encourage staff to explore their personal interests and be in charge of project management. Read More

9. The Fallacy of ‘Instant’ Employee Engagement – The key to employee engagement is developing a culture of leadership within an organization. Read More

10. 4 Tips on Boosting Employee Engagement From the World’s Most Influential Leaders – Improving engagement revolves around career growth, creative culture and instilling trust between the employer and employee.