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Link’spiration June 9th – Augmented Reality

Link'spiration Augmented RealityLink’spiration – A chance to be surprised and inspired by unexpected connections

What if there’s more to the world than meets the eye? Take a look at this classic movie clip—it might have you thinking twice about what’s around you:
They Live Sunglasses

Ok, so maybe we’re not actually under the yoke of a sinister alien overlord, but technology is literally helping us see the world in a new way with augmented reality. Here are some cool examples we’ve been looking at lately:

What do tigers see? Download the World Wildlife Fund’s award-winning app and look at the tiger page to find out:
WWF Together

We have several world travelers at Allen, which is why we were excited to learn about an app that translates signs in real time. It’s free for iOS, Android, or Glass for a limited time!
Word Lens

How do you get thousands of people to roam the world and gather data for you–for free? Gamification. Google’s Ingress is a massive multiplayer online pervasive augmented reality game (what a mouthful!) where players join world-wide teams working together to capture landmarks for their side. One of our instructional designers may or not have become addicted to this game last summer:

Of course, we think the most exciting thing about augmented reality is its training and education applications.This link to an industrial pump repair guide is a great example of how to use augmented reality to enhance learning:
Augmented Reality Repair Guide

How do you think augmented reality can improve learning? Join the conversation in the comments below.